Anne Hathaway Could Win Best Supporting Actress as Fantine!

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway had to sacrifice a lot of things in order to bring her ďLes MiserablesĒ character Fantine come to life. The weightiest of all was losing 25 pounds for the role! Another thing was chopping off her hair to look more like the poor and ill-stricken Fantine!

During the first screening of the movie on Friday, Anne shared her first reaction when she saw her new head of hair in the mirror. She said that she looked like her gay brother Michael! I think thatís perfectly understandable since they share the same genes duh!

Anyway, this 30-year-old actress must be feeling deliriously happy now because of the warm reception of their movie! Her Fantine in particular has won the crowd that many are now speculating that she could win a best supporting actress award in the upcoming Academy Awards!

Well, I think that winning such an award will be the best reward ever for her hard work in the film! Letís wish her the best of luck!

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  1. Kash

    Just because you have a good voice and you sing in a movie doesnt mean you deserve an Oscar... For me Field, Hunt and Kidman gave more real and great performances than hathaway! I saw Les Mis great movie but Anne Hathaway didnt really amaze me its all the press that make her performance big.

  1. em22sta

    Was so happy to see Anne Hathway win. She's a spectacular and vulnerable actress! Made people *weep* with her performance it was so deep and moving. Congratulations Anne!

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