Miley Cyrus Shows Off New Nose Ring

Miley Cyrus New Nose Ring

Body piercing is one of the things that Miley Cyrus likes. In fact, she has a few including the one she has on her nose. Itís actually hardly noticeable so those who donít know she has it wonít even know itís there. After getting the piercing in 2009, she usually wore a small stud in her nose. But this time she wants her nose piercing to be obvious thatís why she decided to wear a gold hoop instead!

She was first seen with the gold hoop on her nose last week while shopping at American Apparel in Studio City with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. I donít know why she chose to wear a nose ring. She might think itís classy but I have to disagree. It doesn't look good at all.

I donít like her nose ring but I sure approve of her rescuing another dog! She decided to adopt a new puppy that she found abandoned in a box outside of Wal-Mart. The new puppy named Happy makes it doggy number four for Miley.

By the way, she was also shopping for the bogs when she was spotted with the new nose ring.

Tell me, do you approve of her wearing a nose ring?

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  1. Elizabetta

    ... I have a gold nose ring, I'm not sure what a nose hoop has to do with being "classy". But nose rings have been worn for many generations by a variety of cultures, in this post you basically said that nose hoops aren't classy. Lets not forget about all of the Indian women who have to wear them. Thank you for insulting us all by saying that they are not classy.

    Journalistic integrity, develop some.

  1. Elizabetta

    By the way one of the main reasons people find themselves switching from a stud to a hoop is that the stud can become very uncomfortable (in case you yourself don't have one and therefore wouldn't know).
    My stud repeatedly reopened my piercing before I decided to try a hoop which is easier to clean and less irritating. Plus if someone likes that kind of style who is it hurting? We're young we go through our phases and try new things.

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