And God Created ... Vanna Bonta!


If you've ever been to Washington DC, then you must have walked under the west entrance facade of the National Cathedral. It's a beautiful, awe inspiring piece of architecture.
But if you're wondering what that's got to do with Vanna Bonta ... then I'll tell you that woman is just full of surprises!
Take a good look at the massive sculpture over the west entrance of the Cathedral, that work of art is by master sculptor Frederick Hart and is called "Ex Nihilo" ("the Creation of Mankind out of Nothing, as Narrated in the Book of Genesis").

It portrays God's creation of humankind, men and women taking form from a vortex void of chaos .. and that beautiful, perfect form of a woman (second one on the left) is Vanna Bonta!!!

Vanna zoom

Here's how it all plays out .. back in the day when the sculpture was being sculpted! Vanna posed for the piece and got paid $6.50 an hour. Her mother was concerned for the nudity but Vanna assured her it was a Renaissance tradition (like in Florence Italy's good old days!) and the human form was pure.

Can you imagine being immortalized in stone on a place like this?
It sure is something grand!

This place has so much history and it opens to spirituality of all religion. The mother of mega publisher William Randolph Hearst founded the National Cathedral School for Girls on the property before the cathedral was built. Martin Luther King delivered his last Sunday sermon from the cathedral pulpit in 1968. Helen Keller and her teacher are buried there, and US Presidents. And Vanna Bonta modeled for God's creation.

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  1. l'Ond

    First! ~~Makes me feel good as a woman.~~

    Now Try to imagine a stick skinny beaatch up in stone! It would become really obvious ...anorexia to look like a clothes hangar is a dupe. Women aren't supposed to be long boney things. You are so right, beautiful and perfect and uplifting to women! GOOD POST!!

  1. Paperist

    seriously this is epic.

  1. Paperist

    seriously i'm having a spiritual experience.

  1. Angel

    Vanna is heavenly.

  1. navarajadhikari

    im a student

  1. Princess D
    Princess D

    beautiful!! love this blog!

  1. Nora

    Wow. That sculptor Frederick Hart is amazing I just read up on him and the Cathedral. Chills!

  1. tajensen

    I've been there. The place has all these different gargoyles too and they give tours where you bring binoculars and look for details. Wish I had known Vanna Bonta modeled for that!

  1. kali

    This is waaayyyyyy cool. legend. and Vanna is so humble

  1. A.H.hhh

    Booyah! If that was me I would have been bragging about it with a major attitude!! Like getting all in everybody's face about what I did like the stars do hahaha LOL!

  1. GG

    hey you just blew my mind waleg! awesome.

  1. Ben Marcus
    Ben Marcus

    Oh my gosh! Am i hallucinating? How refreshing to see a truly lovely representation of the female form that is not "dirty" or degrading to women. This is art!

  1. Adam C.
    Adam C.

    +1 about this sculpture being true art. As the author points out, the work is reminiscent of something that would have been commissioned by the Pope during the Renaissance. I think it is really quite appropriate that Vanna Bonta was the model. She is an amazing woman of many diverse talents. Some might say she is a modern Renaissance women. And what a magnificent companion for Adam created by God!

  1. Cory - maine
    Cory - maine

    Well whadaya know, the USA has some culture besides red carpet posers selling overpriced crap.

  1. Poison

    It's a striking sculpture, but I find it too derivative of Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam". In that painting, God's right arm is outstretched to impart the spark of life from his own finger into that of Adam, whose left arm is extended in a pose mirroring God's, a reminder that man is created in the image and likeness of God (Gen 1:26). This piece depicts both Adam and Eve, but the idea is the same.

  1. Graphics Pro
    Graphics Pro

    I'm a graphics designer and I am delighted to see this kind of blog entry with some intelligent discussion that mixes art and a dash of modern pop culture. I'm so tried of the superficial celebrity junk generated by Hollywood and peddled by trashy TV shows (and blogs) such as TMZ.

  1. Imagine G
    Imagine G replied to comment from Poison

    Say what? Adam and Eve? Not at all. The piece is 4 different men and 4 different women. it's very different from anything ever done. It's the concept of creation Out of Nothing ...from SPIRIT to FLESH...which is excellent --- no dogma but very spiritual. Did you even look at the work?

  1. gladd
    gladd replied to comment from Adam C.

    what an ego-centric statement. let me guess. you're a man? that work of art is WOMAN and *not* Eve ...and DOUBLEdouble NOT "created for man" -- join the 21st century. the piece even gives its meaning in the title which is latin for "out of nothing" and that is about the power of creation of spirit into material form. sheesh.

  1. Spotty
    Spotty replied to comment from Graphics Pro

    Hey, regarding your "pop culture" comment, Vanna Bonta is entertaining but not trivial. She's made serious contributions to the arts and science. Her TV shows just present this information is a fun, accessible way.

  1. Yolanda Keiser
    Yolanda Keiser replied to comment from Poison

    Good observation! There are a lot of similarities. Did you know they made the artist, Frederick Hart cover one of the guys with clouds just like the Pope made Michaelangelo do in the Sistine Chapel! Kudos to the author of this post. It is funny, thoughtful, insightful AND informative.

  1. Glory

    According to the Bible, the first man was perfect, and made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26). Woman was actually created from Adam's rib to help the man and look after him. (Genesis 2:22 and Abr. 5;16). This clearly shows that God intended for Eve to be lower than Adam. Let's not rewrite Holy Scripture because of modern ideas of equality and equal rights!

  1. TOPS10T23

    Vannna Bonta is a gift to humanity. God knew what she was doing;)

  1. HigherLove

    that is some rich history. can you imagine in a hundred years?

  1. tina3
    tina3 replied to comment from Glory

    Glory you are an example of people who put their own two cents in to scriptures or religions and change the whole meaning. There is no way woman is lower than man ---
    If you are going by the Bible it says: "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them."
    In the Image of God he created them...MAN is both female and male and in the image of God which is a creator. Sounds like both men and women are godlike and wonderful per that actual quote.
    The word "lower" is your own projection and misunderstanding.

  1. sahara

    I watched Vanna Bonta on The Universe and knew she was something special.

  1. tina3

    I think Genesis describes the creation of the species, i.e, man like HUMan. Gender is juts secondary. ---
    I just want to say also that this sculpture is beautiful also because it isn't like a literal dogmatic representation. It's more like the actual spiritual concept of creation and of human beings being divine and I wish we would all start behaving like that. ---

  1. mr.E

    Ethereal and powerful. -magnificent. and poetic justice that it's vanna bonta

  1. citizenglim

    !!! Vanna Bonta: female form is pure !!! yes

  1. culture shlock
    culture shlock

    this cathedral church is in the USA capital!? mebbe USA is not so superficial after all

  1. love in her eyes
    love in her eyes

    are u saying her name right? did u know it is pronounced VONNA? just want to make sure. that's why her twitter is nearvanna. vanna bonta is my idol. i met someone who met her and they said she sparkles and glows but the coolest thing about her is that she makes you feel good around her because she has love in her eyes. i hope to meet her and will at her next book signing. thank you for this article waleg!!

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