Newt Promises Human Colony on Moon! Come on!

Newt Gingrich aiming for the moon!

When you think of an election campaign and the promises given to people -in order to collect votes-, what are some of the important question you want answered? What are the promises that you want fulfilled?
I can come up with a few in seconds; more jobs, less taxes, better health services, better education, safety in the streets and conserving the environment, only to name a few ... but the last thing on my mind and on yours -i guess- would be "colonizing the moon" !!
Where the heck did this idea come from, you might ask. Well, it came from Newt Gingrich!
Although this might be the last idea on your mind, and mine, it ain't the last on Newt's list!
Newt actually promised a "human colony on the moon" by the end of his second term.
The guy isn't only promising "Star Trek inspired ideas" but is dreaming of a second term already!
Come on Newt! Fix the problems of housing on Earth first and then think of the moon!

Let's put Newt, his promises and strange idea's aside for a bit.

Lots of people have thought of colonizing space and all what comes with that of human interactivity, like the most basic of activities, sex! And Vanna Bonta invented the "2suit", which is supposed to help couples get intimate in zero gravity.

2suit patch

Vanna's invention has inspired people to think of Honeymoons in space or maybe a Honeymoon on the moon ... after all it's "moon" that makes the word what it is!

But it seems sex in zero gravity isn't really easy. There are many reasons like no room for privacy, no mood or romantic atmosphere, physiological problems and other more complicated medical problems!

What do you think?

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  1. Mark Hawks
    Mark Hawks

    Hey, that commemorative 2suit mission patch is nifty! Where can I get one?!

  1. mims

    vanna bonta is sooo uplifting !! that's what i think. beyond zero gravity!

  1. troubad

    yeah let's do something besides hate and kill people and waste money on irrelevant power struggle...moon sounds good to me

  1. Ryan Q.
    Ryan Q.

    Not everyone thinks Newt's moon mission ideas are crazy. Forbes Tech blogger Erik Kain recently wrote, "Personally, I think the technological advances made by space exploration are worth the price tag *** ...I can’t help but enjoy this one moment of optimism in a campaign otherwise defined, like so many others, mostly by its negativity. From the article, "Why Newt Gingrich's Moon Colony Is A Good Idea And Why It's Still Not Possible".

  1. Iceman

    Gingrich is a genius. There are some indications the moon may well be full of rare earth minerals and ripe for mining operations. The first step to confirm this is a lunar colony as envisioned by Newt. He knows in the future, such minerals may be essential to our national security as supplies dwindle here on Earth.

  1. Mack

    Judging by the election results in Florida's primary ... this may all be moot. As someone on Twitter said, "Newt Gingrich promised Florida the moon but then came crashing down to Earth." Matt Romney won big time!

  1. Paul Oak
    Paul Oak

    Frankly, I couldn't care less about Newt or politics in general, but I adore Vanna Bonta. She's beautiful and a gifted poet and writer. Hollywood would be wise to make better use of her talents.

  1. Walter Dufresne
    Walter Dufresne replied to comment from Iceman

    "Iceman" makes a good point. If we don't go there, others will. I recently read that China, Japan, and Russia are all currently in the process of developing a lunar base on the moon. It's time to get serious as we enter into the new "Space Race." Perhaps if more celebrities endorsed such an idea, American voters would be more supportive.

  1. globalguy

    developing stuff for space has led to a lot of important stuff on earth -- not cool to diss dreaming big

  1. INDIAna

    Newt Gingrich rocks and it's about time we heard something else in the news besides all the negativity that's shoved on us so people can make money.

  1. EarthCitizen

    Vanna Bonta for President!!

  1. Tess

    Waleg, your drawing of the moon colony is mind provoking. Send it to Newt Gingrich he will appreciate the dome design and plants with atmosphere inside. Makes me want to go to the moon (even if you think it is not a good idea!) (and of course I will bring a 2suit)

  1. JD

    Hey what's wrong with Star Trek? A lot of things that were in that show no happen to be every day reality!

  1. ParisPoetsamour!

    Vanna Bonta est fantastique. A writer on par with the best and so before her time. Vanna's voice when she speaks is honey soothing but stirring. She is something very special! let's talk more about the poetry of life.

  1. polym27

    If governments spent money on education, science and things like space that it means there would be a lot more spending for the good of all humanity instead of stupid wars!!

  1. msllevogue

    my gawd the 2suit needs a makeover baby. some design to look stylish. then i will go to the moon

  1. PaulS

    You may be right, Newt could be using the moon promise it to get votes -- then again it isn't that popular a subject so he must be sincere. ??

  1. linda

    i really wish the world would get it together to do smart stuff instead of the gross disgusting state that politics is so at least give him credit for wanting to do something positive

  1. JaquilH

    When people look at Earth from the moon they realize how silly all the suffering we humans make for ourselves is.

  1. KevinBoots

    u will be glad there's a place to go on the moon is earth gets wiped out by asteroids or insane war...then housing would not matter. everybody get a 2suit and forget silly earth conflicts. look at the stars! start being inteligent. that's what vanna bonta and space and the 2suit mean to me!!

  1. Jeff

    The aliens are here already

  1. mariss

    i was saying vanna's name wrong. on the universe series learnt the right way is with an open 'a' like obama. vanna bonta is the coolest name ever.

  1. HL USA
    HL USA

    Reason people don't have housing on earth is due to politicians and corporate greed. Shift priorities!! Education, Housing Health and Space!!!! Kudos to Vanna Bonta

  1. adrian

    i don't get it either. vanna bonta gets people to think too much.

  1. Fuller

    Bonta means 'goodness'. Vanna rhymes with .nirvana'. How can we go wrong? 2Suits for all!!! Life should be full of wonder and joy and respect. What's so funny bout Peace Love and Understanding? and going to the moon!

  1. Dinajar

    Hot topic. Interesting. This is the best celebrity blog. Cool people for real.

  1. Julie T.
    Julie T.

    Sorry, I have to disagree with all you sci-fi geeks. IMHO it's a total waste of $$$ to fund fantasy space programs. We have *real* problems on Planet Earth that demand *real* solutions -- things like hunger, starvation, depleting energy reserves. Every dollar we spend on the freakin' Moon is practically a sin in my eyes!

  1. Carlos

    Comics are having a ball with Newt's wacky plans. Jon Stewart pegged Gingrich as an aspiring "Lunar Trump” by starting a colony the size of a condo development. “And like Earth Trump, you will not be President,” he said. Stephen Colbert mocked Gingrich’s idea that the moon could become a manufacturing powerhouse. “America will bring manufacturing to the moon. Ohio? Out of luck.” Even Mitt's press army got in on the act, sending Newt the message: "“Ground Control to Major Newt: Nevada needs jobs, not a moon colony." Hahaha

  1. GeneralKracker

    Those of you making fun of Newt should keep the following quote in mind. "The greatest thing about man is his ability to transcend himself, his ancestry and his environment and to become what he dreams of being." ~ Tully C. Knoles

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