Mila Kunis vs. Kristen Stewart Who’s Hotter?

Mila Kunis vs. Kristen Stewart

E! Online is conducting a poll on Celeb of the Year Leading Ladies! From sixteen contenders, votes have narrowed it down to the final two! The final round of the battle is now between Twilight leading lady Kristen Stewart and Friends with Benefits star Mila Kunis.

There’s no doubt that these two ladies are hotties! And they have some similarities like their sultry dark looks and sexy onscreen persona.

However, I do think Mila has stronger facial features than Kristen even without makeup. Also, we always see her all dressed up and composed when she goes out.

Kristen Stewart vs Mila Kunis

Kristen, on the other hand, prefers jeans and shirt on her daily whereabouts. But when she cleans up she does so really well. And she has a very nice pair of legs too so it’s always a treat to see her in mini dresses!

Between Mila and Kristen, I think Kristen is hotter. I hope she wins E!’s Celeb of the Year Leading Lady.

Who do you think is hotter, Kristen Stewart or Mila Kunis?

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  1. Cupcake

    I strongly disagree with you! Mila is way hotter than kristen .. down to earth and so sexy .. kristen is cold and somehow i feel she is snobbish.
    My vote goes to Mila Kunis :)

  1. yekita

    I think you are too attached to friends with benefits Mila Kunis has had only films containing these classes, I would not vote for Mila Kunis, she only looks like a cheap prostitute in which notice has been cast in several films as well.
    My vote is for Kristen Stewart

  1. yekita
    yekita replied to comment from Cupcake

    okay well you know you like it

  1. PN

    Mila is very sexy. Kristen is a tomboy. She is awkward and inarticulate. I see nothing sexy about that.

  1. Cupcake
    Cupcake replied to comment from yekita

    read her recent interview on menshealth before you judge her this way. besides kristen only became famous after the twilight sex/ love boring scenes !
    I would spend my whole life with someone like Mila!

  1. Staracfan

    Mila has always been hot! That is the reason why I voted for her.

  1. Caroline

    Mila Kunis is hotter not only because I think she is physically more beautiful, but she is more articulate, relatable, and charismatic than Kristen Stewart.

  1. ibo

    there both pretty typical ..ive seen alot of kristens look.. nothing special really.. and mila isnt hot either.

  1. JensenCherny

    Mila Kunis all the way. Kristen is just a bad and ugly person. she only got cool for Twilight. so Mila Kunis won for me

  1. sandy miles
    sandy miles

    No comparison. Mila kunis is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Also her legs are stunning. Kristen has little thick ankles.

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