Mariah Carey to Reveal Twins in Barbara Walters Show!

Mariah Carey Twins

It’s been six months since Mariah Carey gave broth to their twins Moroccan and Monroe and yet nobody’s ever seen those two little angels! Mariah and hubby Nick Cannon are really keeping their babies away from the prying eyes of the public.

But that’s about to change based on Mariah’s tweet “Tune in to the exclusive 20/20 interview with Mariah. Nick &DemBabies for the first time! Airing October 21 at 10:00pm @ABC (” That is definitely something to watch out for!

At six months old, Moroccan and Monroe are probably quite big now and they probably know some nice tricks for the camera and 20/20 show host Barbara Walters!

The taped interview took place at Mariah and Nick’s apartment in New York. Aside from showing off the babies, they also talked about their experiences being parents for the first time.

But frankly, I think the best part in this interview is the twins! Can hardly wait to see my first glimpse of Moroccan and Monroe! How about you?

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  1. Courtney

    um Roc N Roe aren't officially six months old until the sunday before Halloween do your math correctly. and by the way are going to be Mariah & Nicks only children she's already said emfatically that she's done being pregnant and considering they got a boy and agirl in one shot can you blame them. plus Mariah is Smart and knows Barbara won't ask cheap questions and they had every right to wait to show off their children

  1. Kay
    Kay replied to comment from Courtney

    Thank you, someone else who is smart. :)

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