Lea Michele Sexy in Cosmopolitan Cover? NOT!

Lea Michele

Lea Michele is on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine’s March issue. It’s another daring photo shoot because Lea is featured wearing a top that shows off a vast expanse of her chest! Maybe we should still be thankful that at least she’s not in bra and panties the way she was in the GQ shoot last year.

But I don’t know how she could expose her chest like that in the Cosmopolitan magazine. That’s not a cleavage you’re looking at! I mean, it looks like a man’s chest! If you are her fan you can contradict all you like but this cover is far from sexy!

It’s not only me who’s irritated by this cover. Parents across the globe are enraged by Lea’s latest undertaking. They say that Lea is putting a confusing message across to children who look up to her. Her wholesome portrayal of her Glee character doesn’t match her provocative photos.

In her interview with the magazine, Lea disclosed what her “perfect night” is like. She said it consists of adult activities like drinking wine and skyping her 26-year-old boyfriend Theo Stockman.

Perhaps it’s going to be a nude photo shoot for her next time around!

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  1. Frank

    There is nothing wrong with the picture or the article. I doubt many parents are even really worried now but this don't' be be a sheep and jsut follow what a few others are saying.

    And Rachel Berry is far from innocent, do you even watch the show? It is rated PG 14 for a reason.

    She can't have a glass or wine and talk to her boyfriend come on. Did you read the part about how she has never done drugs, prefers relationships to dating a lot, is proud of her body and is driven. She is a normal 24 year old woman get off her back.

    Get your slef a glass of wine and a freind, maybe you wouldn't be so uptight.

  1. Really

    I can see why you don't leave your name on this article because it is full of biased crap. There is nothing wrong with what she is wearing and you are just a very rude person-as a matter of fact this article says more about you then her. IT IS NOT PRETTY

  1. Cupcake
    Cupcake replied to comment from Really

    it seems you can't see anything ... + you are the one who is not 'leaving' his/her name !! LOL!!!
    I agree with everyword of the author.

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