Happy 23rd Birthday Zac Efron!

Zac Efron

Zac Efron is another year older! Yup, yesterday the blue-eyed heartthrob turned a ripe age of 23. How did he celebrate it? I guess there was no party because he is busy working! Wow working on his birthday?! Thatís too bad. He is in Louisiana right now filming his new movie, an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks novel The Lucky One.
I do hope his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens remembered his birthday. Iím also wondering what her gift for him was, hmm.

At 23 Zac Efron has already come so far in his career from the Disneyís High School Musical to Charlie St. Cloud and so many others. Aside from maturing in age, Zac is also maturing in his career and this is all a good thing.

And from the clean-shaven Zac weíve been used to, he is now also experimenting with a beard. Heís been sporting one lately. Maybe itís for his role in his new movie? Well we just hope he shaves it off soon. Iím sure fans will agree that Zac looks best when clean-shaven.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Zac Efron!

Have you greeted him already? Well donít hesitate to post your birthday greetings and wishes for him here!

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  1. TJ

    why haven't we got pics from the lucky one?! we got loads from 17 again and charlie st. cloud and the many other hsm movies..............

    c'mon! i want pics! lol!

  1. Thahmina

    i love uuuu..xxxxx

  1. Lauren

    Happy birthday zac i luf yew<33333333

  1. sofronia sheehan
    sofronia sheehan

    Happy Birthday Zac Efron. Many many more. Vanessa is in Hawaiii filming her new movie also. Congratulation to both of yow

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