Joe Jonas, Demi Lovato and Ashley Greene… Love Triangle?

Joe Jonas, Demi Lovato and Ashley Greene

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato were considered one of the cutest Disney couples, when they sang a duet together and appeared in numerous shows like American Idol they only added to the hype hence it was no surprise that when they two broke up a lot of fans were disappointed.

However, Joe is moving on pretty fast and despite all the allocations, Joe has been caught twice on a date with Twilight’s vamp Ashley Greene. Although close friends to Ashley say that she is dating actor Brock Kelly, she takes Joe only as a friend and he has been trying for a while to date her but she doesn’t share his feelings.

Moreover, Demi Lovato and Joe are going to be on tour together, Joe told Ryan Seacrest that it “will not be awkward” between them because they are really good friends. Demi, who had being compared to Miley Cyrus, said that she will not change and remain as she is!

On another note, Nick Jonas recently finished his musical adaptation of ‘Les Miserable’ in the UK and is heading back to the USA. Nick tweeted about how sad he is to leave and that he will miss all of his friends.

Who would you rather Joe dates, Ashley or Demi?

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  1. Ane JONAS mc
    Ane JONAS mc

    I AM THE PERFECT CUOPLE!!! Joe should be with me!! hahaha lol... anyway... I prefer Ashley :) she is beautiful.... more than Demi...

  1. Mar

    Jemi is over! Demi deserves someone better than Joe! Stop spreading rumours about Demi!

  1. Mar


  1. ashley

    nobody should date joe anymore, he broke lots of girl's hearts

  1. demetria

    Demi because she loved him so much... you could tell.... I can't even imagine how heartbroken she must be.... It makes me sad just thinking about it....

  1. arely
    arely replied to comment from Ane JONAS mc

    in your dream cuz demi is better then her and prettier too.

  1. erika

    hola quisiera saber porque demi lovato y joe jonas se separaron...?

  1. alex

    hell noo!!!!! ashley is wayyy better and fkin prettier toooo wayyy prettier and a better actress than demii :)

  1. China

    none of them. Joe doesn't deserve anyone, not after all the hearts he's broken. Demi is amazing and Ashley is stunning. They're both waaaaay too good for him!!!!!

    P.S Ashley's too old for Joe...
    P.P.S Demetria Devonne Lovato deserves better than that guy!!!!

  1. sara

    JOE JONAS IS AN ASS****! HE doesnot deserve demi ... he broke her heart and expects her to be his best friend again.. He surley lost his mind...How can he do this to his best friend. Atleast he should have respected the friendship that they one had but he does not even care and the proof is that it took him a month to move on! which proves that he did not love or care about demi and that is certainly heart break and broke her heart! what a jerk ...

  1. sara

    heart breaking *

  1. demiforever

    I agree. He doesn't know what he has left behind and that is a precious and a loyal girl. For sure will he regret this break up and I really hope that ashley ignores him because at the end of the day will be just another girl with a broke heart and guess who broke it ???
    Answer : JOE JONAS!

    How many did he date:
    lets see...ummm 1. AJ , 2. Chelesa staub, 3. a random austratlian girl , 4. Taylor swift, 5. camilla belle, 6. Demi lovato 7. ashley greene and
    This was all in 3 YEARS. What a player.

  1. sara

    Demi deserves someone as cute as joe she will not find someone more cuter and he seems nice

  1. rebecca

    I prefer Demi over Ashley for Joe anyday. She is very beautiful, sexy, gorgeous and a more sweeter and nicer person than Ashley. COME ON, ASHLEY DOESN'T HAVE TIME FOR JOE? THAT UNGRATEFUL BITCH! Demi does have time for him AND Joe has time for her. THEY WILL GET BACK TOGETHER. THEY LOVE AND NEED EACH OTHER. JEMI FOREVER! And for your info, it was Taylor Swift and Camilla Belle who broke Joe's heart, not him! SO IF I WERE YOU I WOULD STOP ALL THE JOE HATE AND HE IS NOT AN ASSHOLE OR A JERK!

  1. Alexis

    Nick & Joe are both heart breakers.
    Joe dumps everyone as soon as he starts dating them, and Nick keeps on going back and forth from Miley to Selena. He dated Selena a few months ago & is now rumoured to be dating someone else? Joe's already 20, he really needs to settle onto a girl or else he'll be all alone in his old ages. & Nick! Choose Miley or Selena, stop going around in circles. If you don't like them, then don't go back to them! Seriously, gosh. I personally think Kevin's the best one out of them cause he found 'the one' & stuck to her. He's now happily married to her and I wish them both the best. Peace, yo.

  1. Anonymous

    Joe is a jerk. He hurt Demi really badly. Demi was in tears that night and she couldnt go to her so called best friends. Selena wants popularity so she hangs out with Taylor Swift and Joe broke Demi. She hasnt been the same and she cant see herself being like that again.

  1. helen

    I think Joe is a jerk. He doesn't respect any girl at all. He just date and kick them really fast. He did as if it had been a jork. So I think he doesn't deserve any girl.

  1. jemi

    D E M I ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. sarah

    hi , I really dont like to interfere in personal life , both of the girls are Wonderful , and on the end joe who is going to decide , and plz Do not judge people we all dont no what really happen Between joe and dime , why just dont we give our Support to joe

    and by the way nick is so cute and mysterious , love you ^_^

    wish all the best for Kevin

  1. sarah

    its me again sorry i mean demi wrong spelling ^_^

  1. natasha

    demi is beautiful, talanted, smart and, so much more
    she does not have to wait for joe cause she could have any guy she wants
    but i do love jemi :)
    and joe is starting to annoy me

  1. Alex

    Demi is so gorgeous and so is ashley but joe suits demi better.

  1. Amy

    I personally think Demi is better suited for Joe. She is/was his
    bestfriend and better things always come from those type of relationships. They know and understand each other so well.
    That is also where their chemistry comes from. We will just wait and see maybe they can find their way back to each other after their CampRock tour.

  1. fred

    I personally think, Ashley will get bored of the fact Joe's pure untill marriage, so unless Joe breaks his promise to God they will deffinitely not last long, and when they break up, I can see Joe wanting Demi back because there is just no way in hell you just decide you don't have feelings for someone after dating them for like 4 months? And if thats what happens, Demi should play hard to get so he suffers like she is right now, because Joe Jonas is being a totall asshole right now and is being a bit of a dick to who he says is his best friend, Demi should ignore the haters, and Ashley Greene should go piss of back to twilight, not that I hate her, shes one of my faves out of twilight but we all know she isn't that well known, after dating Joe Jonas alot more people will know the name Ashley greene.

  1. henna

    hii i love joe and demi together they are soooo cute joe and ashley are not nice

  1. nimeee

    He says that Demi is his bestfriend...but how dare he treat his bestfriend like another girl he has dated....demi had enough respect to at least end the rumors about him breaking up with her over the he couldnt show the same respect by waiting a little while before he jumped to the next girl...thats real dirty...then she's on tour with him....i really lovve joee, but you wreep what you sow...i like ashley but excuse me for thinking she's gonna dump him...

  1. nobodysbuisnes

    I use to love Joe Jonas but after this and wat he did to Taylor Swift im not sure i can still love him.:(

  1. Marie

    I prefer Demi because if I was a dude I wouldn't date a chick who takes pics of herself naked and "accindetally" spreads them on the Internet and plus Demi has so much more self respect
    and she loved him loads and I don't think Joe took her seriously and I have lost a huge amount of respect for him and he said it won't be awkward then why did he being his new gf with him on tour with his ex girlfriend and ashley Greene is great in twilight I'll gve her that but I don't get why u take pica of ur self naked and way

  1. Kaline

    Joe is an idiot, as he leaves Demi Lovato to stay with the other after all q the two spent together, camp rock and the tours have a boyfriend, and congratulations to him for mae naum like her, and moreover he dropped it being that she likes him now she in the pisiquiatra. STUPID!!

  1. kezia

    demi is my biggest fan I sang the song (this is me) I always sing it anywhere i go, I immediately called by the school principal because I have a good voice, she asked, you alwayssing it anywhere you go?she said you sound really good, I answered yes I always sing it anywhere i go , she said you have to have a band, you sound great and she give me a band yay for me thats all because of demi , so I choose Demi Lovato with joe jonas but I still hate joe jonas :(

  1. fatima

    quiero saber porque demi y joe se separaron eran muy bonita pareja

  1. princess

    i personally think that joe had absolutely no right to hurt demi like that.i mean he needs a girl that knows him,understands him and supports him and demi is the one.He should really make up with her and stop running behind ashley.she doesnt want him.And deep down in his heart i think he still wants demi back.

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