Shakira is A Hot She Wolf!

she wolf

Shakira's latest single and music video premieres a couple of days ago on numerous music channels across the world.
The single is entitled 'She Wolf' and it's getting raving reviews!
'She Wolf' is off her upcoming new album entitled 'Beware the She Wolf'.

In the music video, Shakira proves once again what a great dancer she is! After all she inspired millions of women across the world to take up dancing and specifically Belly Dancing!
Shakira dances inside a gold cage in revealing gold and black leotards and high heals!
According to the video's director, Jake Nava, the concept of the video is "about Shakira getting in touch with inner She Wolf which I think kinda predatory sensuality."

Shakira will always make waves on the dance floors and in fashion. Don't you think so?

Click here of you want to watch the She Wolf music video.

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  1. Why

    RoFLMAO no talent? no problems just show your big a**. Eeeewwww. We thought this kind of stuff was only in sailor bars like the Horned Kitty? lol

  1. hahaboo0

    Please don't call that dancing or singing. Slick Video editing okay ... and sticking your ass up in the air is NOT "dancing" Boooo from California office

  1. sandy

    she's good at belly dancing...not the best belly dancer in the world, but she at least looks like she knows what she's doing. her dancing in this video, however, blow major chunks. not only are the dance moves themselves lame and low skill, but she does not even execute them well. sorry, shakira. try again.

  1. elena NRM
    elena NRM

    very ugly pose....and funny !

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