Linday Lohan Makes a Scene!

lindsay lohan public wreck

The other night, last night actually, Linday Lohan was a total mess and she was a mess on the doorstep of Samantha Ronson!
The Paparazzi caught up with her and discovered that she's been there for some time there's something worth shooting!

After some time, Samantha arrived to find Linsday and another girl on her doorstep. And what an unpleasant surprise that was!
Lilo was yelling and shouting at Sam and the camera's of the paps caught Lilo as she cried and mumbled some stuff like: "You're my girlfriend."
Sam ordered the other gal off her property and then turned around to deal with Lilo the wreck!
She opens her front door and then the two go into the privacy of the house to sort out their problems!

TMZ got the video ... it's worth watching! you'll hear a lot of Lilo shouting!

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  1. doesntt???

    yaa i saw it today it was halaroius! loool i was like wats up with her?!? and lindsey used to be so cute wat happened to her?! wen did she become gay and everything i was like waohhh!

  1. Mariam

    just watched it ............ OMG i feel so sorry for Lindsay this will haunt her for ever....... but seriously its too funny.

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