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  1. Tania

    MJ changed so much after 1999 ... His face became so thin and that made him less attractive, sometimes even kinda ugly!

  1. Jake

    Wacko Jacko was ugly! He looked like a walking zombie! He might have been fine before the surgery, but in the later years he was very ugly! Scary even!

  1. Banana

    Come on Jake! If you want to call Michael 'that' then do so on another website! If you don't like MJ, that's your business, but we love Michael and calling him 'Wacko' is unacceptable!
    He might have looked ugly to you, but we -his fans- saw him as a beautiful, big hearted human being.
    OK ?!

  1. poodles

    There are so many big hearted really talented human being in the world. . Michael had a gift. A beautiful voice. Dediction and joy.

    The MASSES related to him because ... no offense ... it wasn't all that complex. It was simple. A couple of slick postures (that he repeated in every concert).

    He was a very polished Showman with LOTS of wind and smoke and dry ice and POSTURING. Postures. Great.

    Applaud it for what it is. But don't lose perspective. How many other people are also crying out and singing and dancing to SAvE THE WORLD! They don't make a freak show out of it.

  1. poodles

    As for his physical appearance... it was cool in a way that he could change it. But it did become almost Grotesque. It worked for looking at him from very far away, on a puppet.

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