Extreme Fashion Disaster: Courtney Love

fashion disaster courtney love

Could you please explain this outfit to me?!
What the heck is Courtney Love wearing?
She was spotted in this outrageous thing while on a shopping trip in Malibu! Yes! She was going shopping in that!

The feathers in her hair are the least of the problem. Where did this 1920's dress come from?
Courtney's bra is visible from underneath, the floral pantyhose is totally off and the shoes are plain ugly!

courtney love's raggedy shoes

I'm hoping this mess doesn't make sense to Courtney! 'Cause it sure doesn't do it for me!

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  1. Vivian

    Whatever turns you on. Or off. How bout just plain Diasaster?

  1. Vivian

    LOLOL She's going green and providing a bird habitat in her ankles.

  1. Anonymous

    Photo Caption: Ohhh D'oh! Lingerie goes UNDER the dress! Who knew?

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