Hugh Grant in Tunisia Photo! Exclusive!

Hugh Grant with Afef Jnifen in Tunisia

This is it people! Hugh Grant in Tunisia!
This is an exclusive photo sent to us by a guy who's smarter than me! He was able to snap a distant photo of Hugh Grant, although he was denied a close photo with him!
It seems that before heading to Villa Didon for Christmas dinner, Hugh was taken on a short tour of the beautiful Tunisian quarter 'Sidi Bou Said' by his Tunisian host, model Afef Jnifen.
This model is the same one he was having dinner with that same night.

No! Afef is not dating Hugh, they were just there together, but not as you might think!
She's a famous model, who's married to Italian Billionaire, Marco Provera and works as a TV presenter on Italian Rai.

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Photos of Hugh Grant with Afef Jnifen

Thanks to Riadh for sending in the photo.

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  1. J

    Thanks for the pics!

  1. jiji

    I loOOooove sidi bou saaid
    it seems like a heaven !

  1. Lola

    Sorry - but that is not Hugh Grant.

  1. Rania

    excuse me Lola but this is Hugh Grant 1000%, he had dinner in a restaurant near sidibou said (where i saw him) and i'm 10000% positive that this Hugh Grant and the lady with him was Afef Jnifen.
    Thanks waleg for the pic.

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