Exclusive! Hugh Grant Christmas Dinner in Tunisia!

villa didon in carthage

Talk about celebrity spotting!
I was out with a bunch of my friends and out of the blue, just caught a glimpse of Hugh Grant! I couldn't believe my eyes! I thought i was imagining! But i wasn't! It's really Hugh Grant! This is my scoop!
Hugh is in Tunisia and is -at this moment- having dinner with a Tunisian model and a bunch of other guys at Villa Didon, a hotel in the prestigious Carthage quarter in the Tunisian capitol Tunis.
I tried to approach him, was able to say hello, but was denied a photo with him! Boo!

I'm going to try my best to get exclusive photos, i won't promise, but will try my best!
So, there you have it! A Christmas exclusive! Hugh Grant in Tunisia!

Well, Merry Christmas Hugh! Don't forget to drink green tea with pine nuts! It's a Tunisian specialty and good for digestion!!

- Hugh Grant in Tunisia Photo! Exclusive!

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  1. happynoelle

    Wow. Cool scoop! Cool cool cool and UNIQUE!!!

  1. jackinpop

    Wow, that's great! Pictures please!

    I wonder if he has a new girlfriend?

  1. jamie

    More details please. Was he nice or rude? Pictures would be great!! Did he look as good as you expect him to?

  1. H.A.R.

    Well, Jamie, he looks much older in person!
    It's as if you don't see the wrinkles and the real age on TV!
    He wasn't rude, but he refused to pose for a photo!

  1. riadh zaatour
    riadh zaatour

    i have the picture that he's on it with the Tunisian model .
    when i asked for a picture he call's guard
    so yes he's rude.

  1. Francesco Sinibaldi
    Francesco Sinibaldi

    Little child in London.

    There's the
    light of
    a delicate child
    in the country,
    near a grand
    piano; I wait for
    the side of
    a weeping, and
    I love you,
    my care, while
    the plain disappears...

    Francesco Sinibaldi

  1. Jessie

    Riadh Zaatour, can you post the picture?

  1. SmileyRose

    What's the big deal? So what if he's found himself a Tunisian woman, he's single and he's entitled to date whoever he likes. *tuts* shame on you for not taking photos though. ;)

  1. Riadh Zaatour
    Riadh Zaatour

    i posted it
    soon you will see it.
    And yes it's a big deal , he couldn't pose to a picture with me and H.A.R what he was thinking that we are "terrorist" .
    and guess what the tunisian model keeped defending him like she will sleep with him.

  1. SmileyRose

    Does it really matter to you if she does sleep with him...it's not as if you are sleeping with him too, is it? Oh and by the way just because someone keeps defending someone else, it doesn't always mean that they will sleep together...if that were the case then I suppose some lawyers out there would consider themselves extremely lucky to be in the jobs they're in. :)

  1. J

    The model is married so I guess it would matter if she sleeps with him or not. Hasn't he been single for a long time now? He must have been in Tunisia with someone right or why would he be spending Christmas there?

  1. J

    The model is married so it would matter if she sleeps with him or not. He must have been in Tunisia with someone right or why would he be spending Christmas there, he has family there or no? If no why is he spending the holiday with a married lady? So many questions!

  1. tigre

    i was in sidi bou said too. he was very nice with people and wanted to do pic with them,but afef nicely asked us to not disturb him because he was with his dad and she wanted them to enjoy sidi without being obliged to stop for a pic with every body..
    i can understand and i respect it...
    they looked good friend and not more!!!!!!!!!!!
    he has a girl friend in london..

  1. moha

    to riadh ,
    if he came to tunisia that means that he love arab and muslim people no??
    so stop slandering the guy and the tunisian model!!!!!!!!and be nice..

  1. bbsandy

    how do you know he has a
    girlfriend in london, tigre?

  1. tigre

    it's written every where in the newspaper ...

  1. nadia

    i was there Hugh came with Afef Jnifen (L'oreal model)

  1. SmileyRose

    So what's the big deal? He has a new girlfriend...so what? Isn't the man entitled to date. He obviously likes her, so leave him alone. Anyone would think he was married and sneaking around with someone. He's a bachelor for goodness sakes. So if he's not dating anyone, he gets labelled with being gay. The poor man can't win.

  1. ryan

    i was there i was there too..frankly they looked good friend but not more..
    i love that girl and i'm happy to have met her. she is a very kind women..

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