Rihanna's Arabic Tattoo!

rihanna arabic tattoo

Rihanna's got a few tats on her, but I might be seeing this for the first time and it's astonishing!
Rihanna showed off a -maybe- new tattoo on the left side of her torso, just under her breast.
A tattoo in Arabic reading 'Al Hurria fi Al Maseeh' translating into Freedom in Christ.

Now, both Angelina Jolie and Rihanna have Arabic tattoos!
Have you seen this tattoo before?

photos of Rihanna in water

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  1. Sarah.BamBina

    woah her face ..makeup doeZ wonders !.. ummm yeah ive seen this tattoo before =)

  1. michelle

    lots of celebs have arabic tatoos. its like the cool thing to do.
    ricky martin has a ruge one on his arm

  1. mariam

    i am lebanese n this is our launguage
    well yeah i;ve seen it on one's arm,while rihanna was parting in canada(www.hollywoodpq.com) there was a hand showed in the pic beside rihanna having the same written words(al hurriya fil maseih)

  1. kim

    ricky martins tattoo is not in arabic its in assyrian

  1. Julie

    I'm Syrian, and yeah many Artists have arabic tattoos, maybe becuase It's an old language or it looks cool at their bodies.
    About Ricky Martin am not sure If it is Arabic, maybe assyrian

  1. edessa
    edessa replied to comment from kim

    yes it is assyrian , i am also assyrian and arabic and assyrian are 2 different languages (:

  1. edessa
    edessa replied to comment from michelle

    ricky martins assyrian

  1. JK

    Very ncie tattoo,

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