Another Miley Cyrus Scandal! In the Shower!

trainreq leaked photo

Another day, another Miley Cyrus photo scandal!
More private photos of Miley Cyrus have hit the net and this time she's in a wet t-shirt in the shower!
There are other photos of Miley pouting at the camera as she reveals her stomach!
Where did these pics come from? Well, it seems there's an unidentified internet user, who calls himself Trainreq, has gained access to these private photos and claims to have others that are much more serious! He claims to have scandalous photos of Miley and is now attempting to sell them!
As you may already know, this ain't the first time such photos of Miley get leaked onto the net!

What do you think of this new photos scandal of Miley?

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  1. Brandy

    Does anyone else notice that Miley is in a public shower! I've never heard of a cell phone with photo delay so who's taking the picture.

  1. Stan

    If they are real they are old, but when you run photo enhancing software against the photo in the shower, it gives tell-tail signs of being fake.

    There have been no proven recent naughty photos of Miley in several month, only old ones hack from her Online accounts or cell phone. Is it possible she has learned her lesson but someone is not letting her move on so they can ruin her life and career?
    As she is only 15, I think I'll give her the benifit of the doubt and say yes. The only questions left are, how many more of these old photos are there, are there any worse pics and who is releasing them and why are they only releasing when she is about to do something good or imporve her career?

  1. aaaa

    nobody's putting her photo in the net she is putting her photo's bythaway miley sucks

  1. Meaghan Bovich
    Meaghan Bovich

    Miley Is just 15 she is still maybe imature and learning how to grow up. These pictures if they are real are just a girl fooling around with a camera. She does have tro learn that taking pictures like that is stupid and childish. SHe is growing up in Hollywood in the spotlight it is hard. These photos are overall not that bad.

  1. bennington

    omg we are all sick of miley cyrus seriously. everyone says "oh shes just a kid" or "just leave her alone" but she needs to grow up and learn to at least delete all these pics. what kind of influence is this. miley cant sing cant act either on her show or act her age. and i just hate her. not cuz im "jealous" but because she sucks! idc what ppl say about this comment. thats what i think and i think ppl agree with me

  1. ny ny ny
    ny ny ny

    This doesnt suprise me she is a tramp and she is not a virgin her and nick johnas "did it" but her parents dont know if you ask me i think disney should fire her i cant stand her singing its soo anoying and i hate her show she is soooooo anoying!!

  1. nicki

    hey she 15 its not like she naked..... but yeah she shouldnt be doing this but im almost 15 and almost every girl i know has sent pics to guys
    at least these were suppose to be personal so dont judge her shes a normal 15 year old girl and its none of our buzn if shes having sex or anything eles leave her alone

  1. kelly biljoen
    kelly biljoen

    who was taking the photo or was it just standing on the ledge, i am a miley cyrus fan but after the scandals i have given up on her so have others!!

  1. Kylie Tregoning
    Kylie Tregoning

    Shame just leave her alone. She's a normal teenager. Don't you think it would be a little hard to try live a normal life with paparazie around you every minute. People also have to remember that she's a normal teenager and all teenagers get up to bad things once in a while so just give her a break.

  1. sa

    Greif, folks. I mean, it is not that huge of deal. We don't actually see anything that we shouldn't. I have seen more skin on some teens just walking the streets, in public. What is the deal? She is fifteen years old, but we have yet to see her do anything really dumb.

  1. Ea

    okay i just have one question?
    why is everyone saying they are giving miley the benefit of the doubt or that she is just making mistakes. i personally think that is a bunch of bull! i like miley cyrus but she is being stupid. it is her fault . she doesnt have to be a slut to be famous. everyone out there who is saying that she is mak9ing mistakes is just saying that because they like her. not because they believe in what she is doing. because i no that if someone you didnt like was doing this. you would be calling them a slut! its also a big deal because she is supposed to be a ROLE MODEL for little kids. i ahve a 7 year old sister. and i would never want a girl doing that to be her idol. and another thing. are you guys saying that takng bad pics is a way of growing up? because i am 15 and pretty popular but i have never taken any pics like this. this isnt her trying to grow up. she is scared she doesnt have much time of her cute fame years, so she is trying to become a slut to get attention. end of story.

  1. Mike

    shes 15 how are they old? shes not 12 in the to yeah, there pretty recent unless taken when SHE WAS 14! i mean seriously, why were they taken? I dont know. But everyone is stupid, why would a little girl take them? Shes close to hitting puberty but thats not the point. And she should have known they woud hit the internet. So are we sure its really Miley Cyrus?

  1. danique

    Hello!!!Hello!!!!!!! everyone back the hell up i am no fan of miley but that doesnt mean everyone should be all up in her business she is a teen and thats what us teen do .so every fix your life and leave miley thehell alone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this goes for all the idiots who believe that miley is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. nicole

    i am 16andmy name is nicole i would like to have alive chat with nick jonas please

  1. Unknown

    People should not be judging others because of a few mistakes they have made in their lives. She's only 16 and has probably learned from these. Everyone who thinks she has done wrong need to see what is really going on. Just leave her alone she is like any other teenage girl, fooling around with a camera and no harm was intended. Evertone should move on from this and just forget what happened. She is a normal teenager with a lot of stress in her life. Leave her alone. Miley rocks and is number 1.

  1. jade

    i think everyone should leave her alone shes wearing clothes its not like shes naked i think its just ridiculous that some one would sell ersonal photos of her you would not like it if it happened to you nobody perfect and wern t all you adults a little stupid when you were young so just cut her some slack would you oh and mylie u rock love your number 1 fan

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