Who is the Cutest Jolie-Pitt Kid?

jolie-pitt kids

The Jolie-Pitts are, no doubt, a cute family!
But, which of the kids is the cutest?
Is it rebellious Maddox? Serious Zahara? Shy Pax Thien? ... or the seed of Angelina and Brad, Shiloh?
I can't make up my mind? How about you?

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  1. Cupcake

    They all look cute however i really like Shiloh the most, may be because she is the little one :)!

  1. Sarah

    umm...i think Shiloh and are the cutest..
    but they all look adorable..

  1. eva84

    I think Zahara is the cutest and she will be more beautiful than Shiloh

  1. jones

    Pax is the cutest child.

  1. edward

    they're all ugly especially zahara

  1. sam

    It's just soooo wrong to compare innocent babies/ kids...They r all pure!

  1. susan

    They are all cute.
    Edward were you told you were ugly when you were a child so you have to do the same to other children to make yourself feel better.

  1. Razan

    They are all adorable, I can't choose :)!!
    As for Edward, its obvious he has some problems....susan is so right.

  1. Shirin

    i agree with everyone.. they are all beautiful but i like maddox the best he is soo cute.. as well for edward im sure ur uglier than them thats why u saying that.. i wonder how ur kids will turn out

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