Jenna & Barbara Bush Should Go & Fight in Iraq!

If Americans of age should go & fight for freedom & democracy in Iraq ... Then George W. Bush's daughters Jenna & Barbara should go too!
Actor Matt Damon made his views very clear on a the show 'Hardball' on one of the well-known American TV channels.
He said that it doesn't seem fair that America has what looks like a 'fighting class' & people 'have' to go for many reasons ... If it has been decided that people have to go to war -in Iraq- then this has to be shared with everybody ... Meaning that if the president -George W. Bush- has daughters who are of age, then maybe they should go too!
What do you think of that !?

Watch video of Matt Damon discussing War in Iraq

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  1. Adam = <3
    Adam = <3

    Go him, for finally stating what everyone has been saying since this stupid war started! hes just sending more and more and more and more people and never being satisfied about all the people that have died and the inflation for the american people, yet he wont urge his own daughters to do the job that hes makin everyone else do. Go, damon, tell it like it is~

  1. natalie

    well then, why doesnt he go b4 criticising others? personally i dont think women should be in the army.

  1. Emme

    Well, Matt Damon is absolutely right to say that. Natalie, even though he looks 18, he's too old to enlist for active combat now that he is in his mid-30's or older. You're entitled to your opinion about whether or not women should be in the army, but since women are considered army material in many countries around the world, the US included, Barbara and Jenna Bush should be drafted especially since their father was the reason why so many other parents lost their young sons and daughter to a lost cause that only this lunatic and his yes-people believe in. Heck, he wrecked a whole country...wiped out their history, all the monuments and all their glory over lies that he and a few of his cronies dreamed up and force fed all those willing to listen. Since he broke, he's got to deal with, who better than his own two brats to go out there and try and help fix the boo boo daddy made? I say more power to Matt Damon and all those gutsy enough to speak up!

  1. l.n.h.

    I agree with his statements. They are fair.
    I would also like to point out that in many countries around the world, the children of the countries leaders are in the military, so suggesting that Jenna and Barbara should go isn't something new.

    The point is, that if it were HIS kids and not the kids of the working class in America, then maybe he wouldn't be calling for 30,000 more troops to go to Iraq.
    They frequently have army recruters on my high school campus. They have become a contant presense. I am willing bet that if the students at my high school lived in higher income households, then the army wouldn't have a booth set up in front of our cafeteria every Wednesday and Friday.

  1. iraqi girl
    iraqi girl

    i agree. dont mean to be cruel but maybe theyll get hurt and hell see what its like having your family killed. he should feel guilty because hes got the blood of hundreds of milluions of innocents, iraqis and americans, on his hands. they have sentanced sadam to death for killing innocents, why arent they doing the same to bush?

  1. emme

    You are absolutely right, Iraqi girl. While he had no right to come into your country, tear it all apart, overthrow Saddam when no one had asked him to, snuff out all those innocent lives for absolutely no reason that any of us can comprehend (weapons of mass destruction - my foot!!)and to add insult to massive injury, he obviously neither has plans to rebuild the country, nor does he even know where to begin to put what he broke back together. Heck, I don't know anyone on this planet who might have a clue where to start with that either. Way too much damage has been done.

    Yes, I think justice might be served in a very small way if his two daughters are drafted and end up in special ops, where many an innocent young life was snuffed out for no cause that he/she believed in or even wanted to be involved in. I'm not saying that the girls should necessarily be killed (I don't condone violence, and I certainly can't wish that on anyone, not even someone I abhor), but at least let him live through the horrific fear that many other parents are experiencing as we speak. One of my closest friends just had her son sent back to Iraq on his second tour. Tonight (Christmas eve)she's at home alone, waiting by the phone and silently praying that her son has survived the day and is alive and well....well enough to give her a quick call to let her know he's been given an extra day to live, because tomorrow who knows......

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