Vanna Bonta Has Holiday Gift Advice

Vanna Bonta

Vanna Bonta is among a number of artists and radio celebrities who donated a performance to an entertainment CD compilation of music and stories going to cheer thousands of children confined to hospitals this holiday. Bonta was also found entertaining inside friends with recordings and personal messages on myspace. One little Bonta story has a gift of advice we could all use regarding the holiday stress surrounding gifts.

Putting it simply, the golden-locked poet says, "Gifts have ribbons, not strings."

This time of year, a lot of people get tied up in knots over protocols, symbolism, politics, coercions, and demands that complicate the whole gift business. But the minute it has strings, Bonta's story goes, it's not a gift.

Those not with the spirit need to put a bow on it! Or strings theory says it comes from the heart or not at all.

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  1. ttiggs

    nice! i'll remember that

  1. Rita


  1. joliefem

    Vanna Bonta looks an angel. She also sounds like one. Cool story it made me smile! It\'s not always up though.

  1. joliefem

    Wait. She IS!! the closest thing to one because angels are communicators.She is my inspiration.

  1. ciro

    vanna bonta is no angel. she is wilde and drinks and shoots guns and can take whiskey until the last man has passed out under the table and she can spit language as foul as poetic.

  1. frostycake

    heh. wow. xm Like the lady said shes an angel.

  1. hello

    what is it with the golden locked poet bonta and pillow lipped beauty jolie? that pillow lipped golden locked lipy sexy stuff all over the place? these are just people. beautiful talented but real.

  1. tevoJ

    I have been a fan for years and want to say that Vanna\'s writing makes me think and inspires me. It is unbeleivable but TRUE that someone so talented and sweet could be hated but there are haters in the world. Some of the hate is from competition of people who want to be loved as much because they have BIG FAT EGOS. They get mad when they see someone get love or attention.

    I know about haters. Do you know some haters have tried to contact me ---and OTHER FANS--- to tell us we are STUPID and we should HATE Ms. Bonta?? I can tell you for a fact it is true.

    They pretend to know and post nasty things about her in CODE and try to put her down by contacting people and think they are in secret butthe world knows. They are jealous. They are jealous for her books. They are jealous people are interested in her. They get sick when people are loving Ms. Bonta. In a nasty way, for nine years they still cannot get over her!!

    There are a few people in the world who hate anything that is full of love . or that shines in world!!! :P !!! WHY?!?

    Vanna Bonta is not about ego and as a longtime fan I know.

    If you see someone HATING beauty and TALENT and Sweetness and SUCCESS or when people give someone attention do this---LOOK UP WHO THE PERSON IS IF YOU CAN. YOU WILL FIND THEY are trying to be competition or they are UGLY UGLY UGLY body and soul. and they get their FREINDS to do dirty work.

    That\'s my RANT. Vanna Bonta is a writer who INSPIRES me and I LOVE HER!!!! AND I AM HAPPY TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU!! Vanna Bonta is classy, sweet, playful, brilliant. She does so many cool things. Her work BRIGHTENS MY LIFE!!

    I also LOVE ANGELINA JOLIE and BRAD PITT!!!!!!! And I LOVE their family. THEY ARE MY PASSION they do so much good in this world. Angelina is cool. Ms. Jolie is the MOST GORGEOUS beauty mostly because of the light in her eyes. Brad Pitt is smart and respectful of life. He is an artist and good in business. We need their love, they love us. People like this are the LIGHT of the world.

    Out there are PHONIES and HATEFUL cowards who work behind the backs of good but three fingers point at them.

    BUT PEOPLE LOVE the LIGHTS and INSPIRATIONS of real artists JUST LOOK AT THEM and you know!! KICK THE A\'s of the HATERS

    Good Bless you all!!

  1. par9

    To know them is to love them.

    Someone who doesn't know them and claims to hate them well it's plain o see because
    "Hate is blind." Who said that? :) VANNA BONTA


    love the angel she runs deep and is brilliant. That's why we love her.

  1. stormy

    Loved the story and great to be able to hear her talk. What a cool site, i love myspace.

  1. stormy

    P.S. Fly wild angel fly. :)

  1. keifer

    nice. love her madly

  1. RY T chicago
    RY T chicago

    Nice to see other people love this woman like I do! She brightens the world. Vanna is an intelligent woman with a huge heart. I'm sure she makes everyone feel cheerful and better like she does me. Thank you!!

  1. darkspah

    xoxo X! VB rulz

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