Lord & Lady Beckham … That Sounds Nice!

becks receives in OBE

Rumor has it that British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who is going to step down next year, is going to give the title ‘Lord’ to David Beckham.
Imagine it … David Beckham a Knight of the Realm … Sexy!
If the rumor is true & Tony Blair decides to recommend the footballer in the 2007 honors list, David will become 'Sir David' while his wife Posh will become Posh no more, but 'Lady Beckham'!
This will not be the first time the Beckham’s get an invitation to Buckingham Palace, a couple of years back, they where there when David got an OBE.

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  1. dk

    Posh by any other name is as scaggy looking! OK no FAIR I don't know them, but what is she? An over hyped clothes hangar! She's probably a perfectly fine human being like anyone else but shouldn't pretend to be more. Xtina Aguilera she's not!

  1. ameena

    oh my god...how ridiculous could those two get.the title lord given to...a footballer...an anorexic stuckup biatch.whats so great about beckham anyway?there are heaps who play 10 times better..zidane..henry..vierra..ronaldo..chevchenko

  1. sasha

    i agree with ameena. ridiculous for sure. a foot baller and anorexic vain looking ambition driven non contributing ..what? does she even do??? The name Beckham does have that british upper tooty ring but maybe they should knowck off the beck and keep the ham! we love this blog!!! waleg rulz!

  1. sergi

    it is all about money and politics just like the saying goes for politicans ame is true for these the people who want to be in office out of mean ambition are not fit to be. whatever. good luck pipi pip and have a tea

  1. Hazel

    Oh God! I'm gonna be sick!....is this a sick joke ? I agree with all the previous comments. it would be absolutely ridiculous ! it's pathetic!

  1. HaHa

    WTF! Those losers are a joke and live for money and publicity only.

  1. Scott

    What exactly is the rumour? He is either due to become a Knight of the Realm, and thus would be entitled to be called Sir David Beckham (or Sir David, never Sir Beckham). Victoria would become Lady Victoria Beckham (or Lady Victoria, never Lady Beckham). If he were to become a life peer, he would then become Lord Beckham. Beckham would either become a Knight or a Lord, the terms are not interchangeable.

  1. fred

    what a joke - getting atitle through her husband is the only way she will ever be a lady - she certainly isn;t one in the true sense. The honours system is a farce

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