Does Vanna Bonta Have a Navel?

When Vanna Bonta's novel about mysterious Aira Flight, girl with no navel looking for true love, hit the bookstores, the multitalented budding novelist enthused some fans who believed the book was autobiographical and that Bonta, like her heroine, was from an extraterrestrial world.

Ricki Lake brought Bonta on national television to ask, and audience members asked her questions like if she ate food.

Bonta showed belly for her role as Zed's queen in the fantasy classic movie The Beastmaster, but wore a SFX prosthetic pregnancy tummy for the famous scene where witches transfer Marc Singer to the womb of an oxen.

There's chat room talk and gossip buzz sexy geek queen Bonta, who has flown in zero gravity got a "button job," i.e., had umbilicoplasty, the cosmetic surgery procedure that converts innies to outies and vice versa.

Did Vanna Bonta get a button job? A navel installed where there was none before?

Does Vanna Bonta Have a Navel (belly button)?
- Yes
- No
- Maybe a 1/2 navel
- Don't want to know

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  1. perez

    I just love her and don't care but I guess I would like to know and confess I have wondered. Maybe she had it pierced?

  1. house

    are you f'in serious? you have got to be kidding. if vanna bonta does *not* have a navel it's because she had it removed. way more likely than having one put in.

  1. hottuna

    I say defanately `yes` ! If Shirley MacLaine has a navel then Vanna Bonta has one. :~

  1. Beats

    You mean nobody knows still? I remember seeing her on tv. This has to be a joke? Seriously we're still trying to figure out if Vanna Bonta has a navel after ..what..6 , 7 years? and now what's the deal with that show which totally rips off "naked amnesiac found and realize he has no navel" Sound familiar?? Right off the book jacket. Can't tv do anything original? I'll be a sport and vote. After this rant the funny thing is I can't say for sure. We know Aira doesn't have one. Bonta...?? not sure.

  1. june

    why don't people just leave her alone? dont you have anything better to talk about than vanna bonta's navel? Of course she has a navel!! I luv "aira flight" too but come on!! she's a character in a book.

  1. pink

    serously are there any pichures anywhere that could be proof of this one way or another?

  1. frank

    I want to get a navel installed on my forehead. Do I go to Beverly Hills to do that?

  1. kirku

    No you dunce try a proctologist

  1. mos

    love flight

  1. jj

    Pretty cool, yah, one of my faves still. so why did they turn it into a boy for tv? I like what flight says about the many dimensions. But I'm pretty sure the author is like the rest of us...human but we don't know just how special that is. I'm getting book 2 the minute it pops.

  1. dais

    I saw this writer on jay leno or one of those afternoon shows talking about it and got the book because the heroine with no navel was the best description and the writer was interesting. That was abotu 5 years ago when I was in college but will catch it on tv, great! anyhoo I love Aira Flight but it's fiction!! Still fun to think about so I'll go with 1/2 ! I love Onx too I want one!! :)

  1. dais

    is it called Flight too It was Vanna Bonta for sure, the writer I mean whatever happened to the rest? I'll read it for the 4th X :)

  1. dais

    Pink, pic here it's not proof but it's Vanna Bonta

  1. puzzled

    the show is Kyle XY but why would they sell Aira Flight out like that? it's the same...electric blue eyes, found nude, doesn't have a nave, seems really innocent, amnesiac, take him home, shrink helps figure out who he is, learns about life from reading liek a genius level, starts showing signs of super many things are identical except it's a teenange boy. :P i love aira better. is vb writing for that show? gross why did they have to ruin it??

  1. suzie

    Hey everyone! Glad to find this! Better than the same 'ol same boring celebrity vain world. (Love Angelina Jolie but the Sheseido commerical makes me laugh it's like ok ok ok ok you're beautful!) ~ Haven't seen that show and never heard of it but my guess is that VB would nevah change for television, specially not Aira Flight!! I'm having a double latte nonfat. This site is a big deal at the mall. Bye. I'm going shopping for school clothes.

  1. ttiggs

    i would lick vanna bonta's navel ( if she has one) and FLY.. wish she would do her next book already

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