Official Avril Lavigne Wedding Photos

Her wedding was kinda' classic & she was a stunning bride, surrounded by flowers.
It tuns out that Avril Lavigne isn't as tough as she seems, & her wedding was a very emotional moment for her, she says: "I almost started crying as soon as I started walking down the first set of stairs,I just told myself: ‘You can't cry now, it's the beginning.’ So I had to hold it all in and I wanted to keep my composure. And I did.”
Here is a bunch of high resolution photos of Avril's Wedding from &

Official Avril Lavigne Wedding Photos

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  1. hanan q8
    hanan q8

    she's osam and butiful and i like 2 see hear in this style like a cute gurl she'e perfect i like her sooooooooooooooo.

    ( conratulation )

  1. Brooke Buchwald
    Brooke Buchwald

    Avril you looked so pretty in your wedding dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. trent

    these pics really nice look

  1. Kamaria

    Avril looks so beautiful! I don't care how punk you are, every girl at heart really wants to princess on their wedding day!

  1. UnBound Truth
    UnBound Truth

    Eh, beautiful photography...

    Too bad all these teeny boppers that adore her so adore such a fake... She was 'punk' and got fans for it, for being 'her' and being proud... Ha, what a joke. She dropped it. As well as those fans. Of course those fans being blinded by the 'celebrity light' didn't see it. They still saw her as punk, or at least kept her as an idol, even though she threw away all she stood for.

    She gave up on being her supposed self once she hit the big time... But how did she get there..?

    All the people who understood her. The ones who were glad she could be 'herself' and she didn't give a damn what anyone thought.

    Well... Apparently fame changes that.

    For shame.

    Oh yeah... And why bother with a piece of paper to say you love someone...? Especially being a celeb.... Celebrity success rate for marriage... Is extremely low.

    They know. We know.

    So think about it....

    All it can really ever be is, 'More Attention From The Cameras.'

    Say Cheese Avril.

  1. shfksld

    you're ridiculous. it's a wedding. who's the say she still isn't "herself" because she dresses different. especially on her wedding day, idiot

  1. kasey

    Avril You are gorgouse no matter what anyone says you married the man of your dreams and are happy keep o ging remember to follow your dreams.Sombdy found love for you.You should be proud you made it so far in life. We still love and apperciate you.


  1. Camilla

    Unbound Truth - you are damn crazy. She changed, okay and went from punk princess to, well, completely LA, but why the hell should she get wrapped up in one phase of her life forever? She's young, she goes through phases, perhaps her whole 'baggy trousers and tie' thing was just a phase...did you expect her to stay that way well into her 30's? She is growing up, maybe you should do the same.

    I'm not a particularly massive Avril fan (used to absolutely adore her music though) but I just saw that she got married on and came in search of pics (I love a wedding as much as the next person) and think she looks gorgeous and am glad she didn't turn up at the altar wearing ripped jeans.

  1. ARIEL

    Avril i think you rock...i'm big fan of you and deryck as well as the rest of sum 41 and i think its really cool that u 2 got married ....u probably have alot in common as you r both rockers...good luck to u two and by the way u looked great in ur photos.....and the idiots out there who think that avril is crazy 2 mary deryck .... just realize that ur always smarter when u don't talk ..much love

  1. ashley kane
    ashley kane

    Avril looked stunning and beautiful i am sooooooo proud and happy for avril she is soooo lucky!!!!!! xxxxxxxx:)

  1. ahsan

    happy married life to the most sweat person of the world!!!!!!

  1. Julia

    Congratulations Avril! And I definitely wish you and your husband all the best in the years to come! I wish you luck and happiness and ... la la la the usual. Your wedding dress was beautiful by the way. I am an extremely big fan of yours and I love your music! Congratulations again!!!

    - Julia

  1. Serena Kammoun
    Serena Kammoun

    hey avril

  1. sercretsxxo

    avril is gorgouse.. yeah she dropped singing and being "oh so punk" but everyone gotta grow up what you want avirl... so she changed.. it's being her everyone changes so knock it off that "unbound kid" and leave it alone if you did'nt care you wouldn't be talkin on here! anyhow.. avril was gorgouse! amazing and stunning!

  1. secretsxxo

    oh yeah... hey unbound kid... it's her wedding of chourse she looks differnet..LOSER

  1. Jennifer

    Unbound........ Your comment was probably one of the dumbest things ive read in a logn time... A lot of Teenagers go through different phases. Like little goth teens they cant stay goth forever they wont get jobs lol. Avril was a punk teenager GIRL...She grew up and because A WOMAN. Im sure just because she doesnt dress trashy anymore doesn't mean her lifestyle or her music tastes have changed.

    Wouldnt it be a little retarded for a grown up woman to be singing songs about being a teenager and skater boys and how people don't understand her etc

    Think before you speak.

  1. jo-jo

    avril,i am a HUGE fan of your your song my happy ending is the best! i wish you and deyrek well!

  1. Danie

    congrats avril and deryck!! i've been a HUGE sum41 fan for years, and i love avril. i dont understand why people are so hung up on her change in wardrobe...incase those people don't remember, she was a TEENAGER when she started out, she's now an ADULT... everyone grows up at sometime...her clothing shouldn't matter anyway, her music is still awesome, and thats what really matters when it comes to a band or singer, etc, the MUSIC. just because somebody changes their clothes, doesn't mean their not the same person. people need to GROW UP and leave avril live her own life.

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