Naomi Campbell's Extravagant Birthday Party

naomi campbell

When I use the word "Extravagant" i know it is an understatement! Because when a birthday party is a $1.8 million party in Burj Al Arab in Dubai, it definitely is more than "Extravagant" !
The catwalk queen & her Zillionaire boyfriend Badr Jafar have planned a three day party bash in Dubai & have hired out all 18 floors of Burj Al Arab, the world’s first seven star hotel! Jafar is also rumored to be giving Campbell a super huge diamond as a gift to celebrate the couple’s eight-month old relationship.
Yesterday's theme was "All White", today's "Hip Hop" & tomorrow's "Brazilian Samba". Not only that, but the guest-list includes many of Naomi’s celebrity friends including David and Victoria Beckham, and fellow super models Eva Herzigova and Linda Evangelista.
Wow! I wonder what 1.8 million would do for a poor country like Somalia or Ethiopia!?

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  1. HinDawDaw

    ya i heard about it badr jafar from?

  1. Jamal Al Marri
    Jamal Al Marri

    Naomi is a cow

  1. Jamal AL Marri
    Jamal AL Marri

    Badr Jafar is an Iraqi who's wealth is not his,
    Its his fathers, who decided to get into oil when the war took place.. Smart Man considering it was so cheap back then.
    Its all new money,
    Badr is a Kid(only 24 years old) 13 years her Junior
    what is Naomi Playing at?
    And she says that she is not Materilistic WHATEVER

  1. Khalfan bin Hareb
    Khalfan bin Hareb

    All this media on this subject is PATHETIC, and it is even more pathetic and embarrassing that so many people are concerned with other people's lives. I have an important message and words of advice for all of you: GET YOUR OWN LIFE!

    If someone wants to throw a party in Dubai where I am a national, and where a million huge parties are thrown every year, then it is their business. In any case, most of the info reported in the media is probably wholly inaccurate, considering the original source was the SUN newspaper, the biggest GOSSIP TABLOID in the UK (a paper that considers a celebrity getting a parking ticket as headline news!).

    I say, all you people out their who are so bored with their own lives that all they can think about of doing is mocking others out of jealousy, pls get back to your own petty lives. This also goes for you JAMAL AL-MARRI. Remember who you work for!

  1. Sophia

    Wow jamal.. u get around :P and khalfan... this is the way of the world these days. People are obsessed with celebrities.. Deal with it.. our country's already been overrun by overzealous nouveau riche people looking for a goodtime.... One more story wont make a difference at this point in time.
    Interesting to see though that naomi's gone from old men to young men... and were u guys complaining as much when she was dating ahmad/mohammed (whatever) habtoor?

  1. Saji

    I know bader, and he is a very nice man ,, soooo go 2 hell Jamal AL Marri !!

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