Naomi Campbell's Extravagant Birthday Party

naomi campbell

When I use the word "Extravagant" i know it is an understatement! Because when a birthday party is a $1.8 million party in Burj Al Arab in Dubai, it definitely is more than "Extravagant" !
The catwalk queen & her Zillionaire boyfriend Badr Jafar have planned a three day party bash in Dubai & have hired out all 18 floors of Burj Al Arab, the world’s first seven star hotel! Jafar is also rumored to be giving Campbell a super huge diamond as a gift to celebrate the couple’s eight-month old relationship.
Yesterday's theme was "All White", today's "Hip Hop" & tomorrow's "Brazilian Samba". Not only that, but the guest-list includes many of Naomi’s celebrity friends including David and Victoria Beckham, and fellow super models Eva Herzigova and Linda Evangelista.
Wow! I wonder what 1.8 million would do for a poor country like Somalia or Ethiopia!?

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