Joaquin Phoenix's New Girl

joaquin's new girl?

Joaquin Phoenix was out & about this Friday in Greenwich Village, but he wasn't alone! He was accompanied by a nice, slim blonde girl! I wonder, who could she be?
It is rumored that the Blondie is his new girlfriend, a model who posed nude with him in a photo shot back in October 2005 for Spec Magazine.
The two were spotted dining together at OTTO Enoteca Pizzeria Restaurant.

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  1. Lindak

    Lucky girl!!!!!

  1. alix

    i hate her already. tall, slim, blonde, has seen naked! meh.. i thought he liked brunettes. time to bring out the hair dye.

  1. Jack

    Well those who can do, those who cant teach.

  1. Lorelei

    Ack! He's got a belly and boobies!

  1. becca

    i think joaquin is an extremely talented actor and seems to be very humble. this is one actor who hasnt let fame go to his head. he's a sweetie with a huge heart! i wish him all the best he deserves it!!!!!

  1. emily

    lol! this is hilarious!!! people getting all upset about him having lunch w/ someone!! well if she is your girlfriend..congrats!!!!

  1. leeann

    I think these two are a perfect couple. They sould be together forever.

  1. laura

    Joaquin get rid of your gut and manboobs, you are soo hot why let it go to waste?

  1. Jack

    Well girls good news joaquins off the market, But Im available :-()

  1. Jack

    So Joaquins off the market, well on the plus im free ladies take your pick, theres enough of me to go around :-6

  1. miss_kitty869

    yeah they really look like a couple don't they? does he even know she's there? the wrong woman is by his side, if you wanna know who the right woman is, watch walk the line.

  1. Tanya

    All it is causal sex if anything, and what happened to Eva Mendes?

  1. Jack

    Well Tanya we can have a casual thing if u like?


  1. jessica

    It seems like all that joaquin has these days is casual sex, eva, lindsay(yuk), ginnifer, now this blond model, i'm sure there's been plenty more. It's always denie denie denie when it comes to any hollywood hook-up. Hey jack are you desperate for a girlfriend or what too funny!

  1. Jack

    any u girls want jiggy jiggy with me ms piggys?

  1. moi

    She is an amazing girl, leave her alone!!! and yes I know her personally

  1. Tanya

    So if you now her you can tell us if they did it or not. My money is on that they did it.

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