Vanna Bonta Sees God !

Vanna Bonta

Vanna was always ethereal, even as a little girl, claims a source who prefers to remain undisclosed. A school chum remembers Vanna's mother, a strong-willed Italian artist, wouldn't let her take the Catholic sacrament of Holy Communion until she was 8, older than the other American kids. When Vanna did receive it, she believed she was communing with God and went back to the church pew and buried her face in her hands and cried! The source remembers. "Vanna really believed it was holy communiion, she communed with God, she was crying with happiness and it embarassed her!"

Even though Vanna went to a Catholic missionary school in the Orient, her schoolmates there were Buddhists, Muslims and all nationalities. Vanna was always writing poems and interested in practicing different religion rituals of her friends! That could be why the stirringly articulate Miss Bonta was quoted at age 13 in the Columbia Gazette saying, "I'm in love with the whole world."

Bonta reportedly won't belong to any religion that draws barriers between people and believes that "tears and laughter" are clues to the what she calls the universal religion of the human heart.

Former schoolyard pals of the world-travelling Bonta says they almost learned more about God from the experiences on the playground with such a sweet girl! "She was always seeing deep," a chum recalls.

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  1. poolQ

    I like this
    "...believes that "tears and laughter" are clues to the what she calls the universal religion of the human heart."

  1. Taters

    ethereal smethereal she's kick*ss right on!

  1. twiddlebub

    Good article. I love knowing more about Vanna Bonta!! And hear that, Katie Holmes?!? shame breaking your parents heart and not baptizing that baby. Since Katie has been assimilated into Tom's religion and broke her family's heart by refusign to baptize Suri. If they DO baptize the baby it will be as a PR stunt but we all know that in Tom's religion ANY other activity is called an "Other Practice" and severly punished, so poor Katie and Suri would surily be in 'Ethics trouble.' As much as Tom and his religion advertise you can be any religion and be in theirs, it's not true there is huge price to pay once they get you in. Religions stop being religions when they are political control operations. That said GREAT post and Now who do I know who is famous so I can sell their picture and scoop when they were little :-) !?!

  1. Luff

    Bonta does shots and sees God in everything and everywhere except churches. OK this woman has me hooked. Bring it on!!

  1. free cat feesh
    free cat feesh

    i think the whole point i get from what vanna bonta examples is it don't matter as long as people practice heart ! works for me ! what is there to CONVERT anyway ?? like cat stevens says we're only dancing on the earth for a short while. i wanna be in love with the whole world too !

  1. kelson

    that's sweet but i'm sooooooo jealous

  1. Lets

    awww At least you admit it. We shouldn't be jealous!! I bet Vanna Bonta makes a great friend if we ever met her. She strikes me as someone it would be great to be friends with and not for the obvious reasons like suckup but she seems really cool

  1. 2fer

    Why why why do all religions try to claim famous people celebrities? And not just religions but wannabe religions. Scientology & scientologists broadcasting (brainwashing) if some famous person took a course, and Christian Scientists and Catholics claiming her. The only people I haven't seen trying to claim Vanna Bonta is Buddhists or God herself.

  1. phife

    Hubbard's people r THE worst with all their advertising of people who have achieved spirituality in a box. At least Catholics don't post public lists and ads of who had confession communion and their rituals. Then all the different types of Christians SHEESH!! And take one course in the "raw meat" Scientology outfit patterning itself into a religion and it's used to puff themselves and recruit others. Kabbalah people advertise celebrities with red strings on their wrists. Religions are political organizations at least the people running them are political agenda. Sad religions are more politics than they have to do with spirituality so I don't blame Vanna Bonta!! learn the truths they share and opt out on their control trips and just be people!!! I don't see the V knocking religions, just the opposite, she respects everything except knocking other people as a religion. Universal God bless you always VB!

  1. dot

    OMG peeps! how do YOU know what Vanna Bonta is like? from frikkin hate freak rumors, fans and gossip blogs?!?

  1. eeny

    Nope. From and the best Vanna Bonta talk you have to register for there's some great stuff on the last pages. I love her! Gods bless the V ! =)

  1. dot

    very cool.

  1. champ1

    i'm with her on that. the dalai lama sez his religion is kindness. i'm glad that britney spears wised up bout kabbalah and got out! and let's hope they don't snag lindsay lohan. religions are a matter of the heart IE PRIVATE. seems like that's where vanna bonta is and speaks volumes that she won't join anything but humanity.

  1. Sims

    I dunno. From this picture Vanna looks pretty Catholic to me.

  1. skyriting

    what a sweetheart. she went to catholic school but studied buddhism and other religions too. right on champ i like dat she won't join anything but humanity. maybee that's why da cults would be so mad she thinks for herself.

  1. tibet

    You don't know anything!!! Vanna Bonta is a pantheist!! Vanna Bonta is also in the BON Religion. But mostly VB is a pantheist. It's so obvious

  1. jonny

    Uh what is BON rel?? Vanna Bonta's closer to a transcendentalist Plain from book and writer review poems music Transcendentalists aren't even in religions What EV ah.

  1. Pookie C.
    Pookie C.

    Vanna is Cool!! She does makes a great friend. I've known Vanna for a number of years and she is every thing nice you say about her. A truly thoughtful,
    caring person

  1. shugah

    Pookie C if u 4 real are friends wth vanna bonta tell us something cool to know pleeez would so luv it.

  1. teekl

    Vanna Bonta is my favorite ever. And would we all please wake up to how beautiful it is and could be. You rule everybody hi!!

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