Janet Jackson Nude Sunbathing Video

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson was nabbed with a video camera showing her sunbathing nude, topless and bottomless and this video has been posted on the internet.

Janet was on her back and appears to be jamming to some tunes, her face was also visible as she sits up at one point but apparently didn't notice the camera trained on her.

The 40-second paparazzi video is shot through what appears an opening in a fence surrounding an outdoor enclosure.

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  1. Adam

    Well, i wouldn't expect anything less. I hate people like that, and i also the people that video taped her!

  1. chris

    I heard you can download the full video at http://exposed.paparazzifilth.com

  1. shay

    janet i didnt think u was like that

  1. butts


  1. butts

    more butts

  1. wayde

    you know what people who like to do perv things like video taping someone famous naked, have no life , and have to live off other people coat tails. and i bet janet looked fine, so eat it ass holes. leave janet alone.

  1. Jake

    Watch the 6 minute version of the video at http://www.janetjacksonexposed.com or http://www.celebsexflix.com

  1.  tia

    People (the media) want to degrade her for what Justin did, but yet they can't stay away from her. And to the one that siad "Janet I thought u were better than that", honey if u ain't ever sunbathed, then u missing out, plus she was in her own privacy-key word, inappropriately taped her sunbathing, it's not like she gave him permission or even new he was their, besides if I had her body, I would be loving it that people admired me like that. Go JDJ I'm a true fan who loves and admires u no matter what. Micheal I believe in you. Jacksons for ever

  1. LT

    Why do people want to get mad at Janet? She's being soem one that a lot of people admire. If you can't be like her (confident) then don't hate on her. Love you always JJ

  1. rodrerick

    you need to no janet jackson is our queen of r&B
    so you player haters bow down she the shit that
    you other pepole cant handle so get a life go
    mess with britney spears or madonna get a life
    leave her alone because first of she sex apel
    thats something white girls will never have
    you cant take back the F#$% off her player haters

  1. Rapper Aaron
    Rapper Aaron

    Im Speechles

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