Mars One Plans Human Habitation in Mars by 2023!

One Mars

Ever wondered about living in another planet? You’re not the only one. In fact, a company called Mars One plans to set up a settlement in planet Mars by 2023! Can you believe that?! The company knows it’s not going to be an easy feat or a cheap one. Making a space shuttle alone is going to involve lots of money and that’s not the only material that’s going to be needed.

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Major Surgery Gives Man a New Face and a Better Future!

Richard Norris

There are exceptional instances when we can really marvel at the wonders of science and new technology. What transpired in Richard Norris’ life is one of them.

The 37-year-old man has lived a secluded life for the past 15 years because of the gun accident injuries on his face. He lost his nose, lips and teeth in the unfortunate accident. Since then, he rarely goes out and when he does, he wears a mask so that people won’t notice and stare.

It seemed he couldn’t much either since he only had limited mouth movement.

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Who’s Crazy Enough to Spend $8K on a McNugget?

George Washington McNugget

Is anyone crazy enough to spend their hard-earned dollars on a piece of McDonald’s Chicken McNugget just because it resembles a former US President? Apparently yes! Rebekah Speight from Ohio said that the McNugget resembling George Washington fetched an $8,100 bid on Ebay!

The piece was part of her children’s uneaten food three years ago. Yup that’s right that was three years ago. When she noticed that one of the nuggets looked like the former president she decided to keep it frozen until now. She only auctioned it in order to raise money to help send 50 children to summer camp.

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Chandra Bahadur Dangi is the New Shortest Man in the World!

Chandra Bahadur Dangi

Junrey Balawing, proclaimed as the shortest man in the world last year by the Guinness World Records has just been toppled down by Nepal man Chandra Bahadur Dangi! Dangi is the new title holder as the shortest man with his height of 54.6cm or 21.5 inches. He beat Balawing’s height of 59.5cm or 23.5 inches by just a few points.

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Lastel: Japan’s Stopover Hotel for the Dead!

Japan’s Lastel

If there’s one hotel in the world you wouldn’t want to end it’s probably Japan’s Lastel! Anyway, if you’re not a cold corpse yet they won’t accept you! Got an idea what Lastel is all about? If not, I’ll explain.

Owned by Hisayoshi Teramura, Lastel is basically a hotel for the dead! The dead can’t stay there forever. Consider it a stopover before the final resting place. The hotel can accommodate 18 corpses at the same time. They’re all properly refrigerated so there’s no worry of them becoming smelly even up to four days.

Spooky? No. This establishment is just as luxurious as any regular hotel that some people mistake it for one. Located in the suburbs of Yohama, the building’s façade is also beautiful so it’s no wonder unsuspecting couples and weary travelers come knocking! But if you go inside well, that’s when things become spooky!

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18-year-Old Jyoti Amge is the World’s Shortest Woman Alive

Worlds Shortest Woman

Jyoti Amge of Nagpur, India is now the proud record holder of being the shortest living woman in the world! The declaration was made on Friday during her 18th birthday. The Guinness World Records judge Rob Molroy flew to India that day to take the final measurements together with Dr. Manoj Pahukar of Wockhardt hospital.

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Meet Zombie Boy!

Zombie boy

Have you seen Zombie Boy?
This was a normal dude, Rick Genest, who happened to have a thing for Zombies ... he decided to take things into a next level and turn himself into a Zombie by covering his body with tattoos!
It took some time before his project was complete, but the final result was chilling! ... still is!
I think he might think it's cool and "far out" now, but in 10 years time, he's gonna surely regret it and won't be able to do anything about it!

What do you think? (check out the before & after photo of Zombie boy ... after the jump)

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Woman Gives Birth in a Gallery as a Form of Art!

Kotak and Baby X

Do you think that giving birth is a form of art? A woman named Marni Kotak believes so that’s why she made sure the end of her pregnancy would be some sort of a public spectacle.

Instead of going to the hospital for child birth, Marni chose to do it at the Microscope Gallery in Brooklyn. She called the art performance as “The Birth of Baby X.” Marni gave birth to a baby boy at 10:17 a.m. on Tuesday in front of 20 or so audience.

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Odd Land Structures Rediscovered with Google Earth in Saudi Arabia!

Nazca Lines in Saudi Arabia

Thanks to technology people are able to discover some of the world’s greatest wonders just sitting in front of their PCs! Australian archeologist David Kennedy was able to rediscover a spectacular land formation and structure in Saudi Arabia. The structure is like the Nazca Lines that were discovered in Southern Peru.

These structures in Saudi Arabia were first discovered in 1927 by British RAF pilot Percy Maitland. His photos were the only ones taken of the structure since then because taking aerial photography or flights for archeological purposes aren’t permitted.

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Meet Wendy the Schwarzenegger Dog


I love dogs I really do! I love to pet them, feed them, bathe them, and just play with them. But if the dog is one like Wendy, the bully whippet with mutated genes, I don’t think so! She’s one doggy that I’d be very, very afraid to lay my hands on!

Just take a look at her body. OMG I’ve never seen anything like that on an animal. Perhaps Wendy is a meek dog but I’m sorry to say that her appearance is terrifying.

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Naughty Bitty Kitty in a Jar

Ksyusha inside a jar

Have you ever seen a contortionist cat? Cats are naturally flexible; however, not all of them are able to twist their bodies in order to get themselves in and out of tiny jar like the little feline Ksyusha!

Ksyusha is from the Himalayas and is owned by 37-year-old Yuriy Korotun who lives in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Korotun said that the kitty is really fond of lodging herself in tight places, including the washing machine. But perhaps Ksyusha got tired of her usual haunts that’s why she got herself inside a jar!

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Audubon’s Birds of America Sells for $10 Million!

Birds of America

Would you spend $10 million on a book? London dealer Michael Tollemache did! He was more than willing to spend that kind of amount on the book which he described as “priceless.” That book is John James Audubon’s Birds of America.

This is indeed a collectible because only 100 copies of it were produced. And it’s unlike any book you’ve ever seen! It measures 3 feet tall and contains 435 hand-colored prints! If that doesn’t amaze you I don’t know what will!

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A Pumpkin You Will Never See in The Middle East!

Giant Pumpkin

I have never seen a pumpkin that’s bigger than a plate. Where I live, pumpkins only grow in typical sizes and only weigh about 4 to 5 kg. These are puny and insignificant compared to the pumpkin grown by twin brothers Stuart Paton and Ian Paton. The pumpkin they grew has an approximated weight of 749 kilograms! The said pumpkin also has a girth of 5.2 meters. This humungous vegetable is about one and a half more than the weight of a Fiat 500 car!

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3-Year-Old Boy Weighs 63 Kilos!

63 kilos boy

What would you do if your 3-year-old child weighs 63.5 Kilos or 140lbs? Such weight for one so young is definitely not normal. This is the case of Xiao Hao of Guangzhou China. He is so big and tall that he dwarfs children of his age and even his own mother!

His situation has caused him to be banned from the previous nurseries he previously attended. The teachers said that he is a “health hazard” to the other kids. Poor kid! But good thing a nursery in Guangzhou accepted him.

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