Rahma Riad Wakes Up Sleeping Prince with "Bosa"

Iraqi singer and Star Academy graduate Rahma Riad has collaborated with Jad Shwery for her newest music video.
The song is entitled "Bosa" or Kiss and the theme of the clip is inspired by Sleeping Beauty.
One can see a princess, a dwarf, a castle, a prince and even a spinning needle!

Rahma video clip Bosa

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Lara Scandar is Falling Out Of Love

Star Academy alumni, Lara Scandar is really a hard working gal! She's either in a studio recording something, on a plane zooming off to some place beautiful for a shoot, glamming her self up for a photo shoot or doing a commercial for Herbal Essences! She's a busy bee!

Lara Scandar is Falling Out Of Love

Her latest music video and song is "Falling Out Of Love" ...

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Saber Al Rebai and Wife in "Kish Malek"

Saber Al Rebai's latest video clip features a surprise ... something to spite his ex-wife maybe!!!
Al Rebai's clip of his new Khaliji song "Kish Malek" featured his new wife! She's the model in the story ... reminds us of Assi Hillani's wife who appeared with him in one of his songs back in 1991.

Saber Al Rebai and Wife in

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Mohammad Abdo Requested to Retire!

Legendary singer Mohammad Abdo has always been on top of his game with grace, charm and allure.
He's never shot a video clip and has not fallen into the trap of today's pop music ... until now!!
Abdo surprised his fans with a new single and video clip of his song "Wa7da b wa7da" .. which stirred waves of disapproval among music lovers!!

Mohammad Abdo video clip

You may ask why? But after you see the clip and hear the song, you'll find the reaction reasonable.
The song is not the type of song we're used to hearing from Abdo and the clip is certainly not compatible with the legendary star and his style, and the lyrics are not compatible with the atmosphere of the clip.

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Mohamed Hamaki: From My Heart I'm Singing (Photos)

During a closed press conference, Egyptian singer Mohamed Hamaki announced that he finished working on his new music video clip for his song: "Ana Mn Albi Baghni" or From My Heart I'm Singing. He also mentioned that the shooting of the clip took place in Beirut and the video will be aired soon on different satellite TV channels.

Mohamed Hamaki New Video Clip 2013

Hamaki also revealed during this conference that the success of his new album made many Italian and Turkish singers willing to buy the rights to sing his songs in their native languages.

Here are some photos from Mohamed Hamaki Ana Mn Albi Baghni video clip

Mohamed Hamaki Ana mb albe baghane clip photos

Haifa Wehbe Robs Jewelry Store! (Photos)

Have you seen Haifa Lately?! News has it that she has robbed a jewelry store and was chased by the police ... yup, that actually happened in a video clip ... Ha Ha!

This is what happened in Haifa's latest and newest video clip of her song "Ezzay Ansak" which is being broadcast on Rotana nowadays.

Haifa Wehbe Ezzay Ansak

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Melissa is Back! Nananahe (Photos)

Melissa Nananahe

Lebanese singer Melissa has been under the radar for the past year ... but she's been busy cooking up something new.
She's just finished the final details of her latest music video for her song "Nananahe", which is written by Jenny B and directed by French director Fabian Dufils.

The clip is bursting with dancing! Thus, Melissa says it was hectic to shoot. But she also says it was worth it because of the attention to details and the new look which was created by French designer Louis Azzaro! Oh La La!

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Amal Bouchoucha in "Darb Jnoun"

Amal Bouchoucha Darb Jnoun

Algerian singer and Star Academy 5 graduate Amal Bouchoucha has finally released a single!
Amal's been late with a single because she's been busy trying out other experiences as a TV show host and entertainer. I guess without trying out other stuff, she won't be able to know what it is that she really loves and wants to do, no?

So, back to her 1st single, it's entitled "Darb Jnoun" and she's already done with the music video as well, which was shot in Morocco.

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Ramy and Maya Sawa Video Clip (Photos)

Ramy Ayach and Maya Diab Sawa Clip

These are photos from the new video clip of Lebanese singers Ramy Ayach and Maya Diab for the song 'Sawa' or 'Together'.
The song beat and lyrics are really nice; Ramy's voice is one of the best voices these days and though i'm not a big fan of Maya, I believe this collaboration is successful.

Ramy and Maya Sawa Music Video Photos

Ramy and Maya Sawa Photos

Also along with these photos, you will find photos from Ramy and Maya open air party during Albatron Festival in Lebanon.

You can read about Ramy and Maya collaboration here: Maya Diab Teams Up with Ramy Ayach

Watch Ramy Ayach and Maya Diab Sawa Music Video

Maya Diab Teams Up with Ramy Ayach

Maya Diab and Ramy Ayach

It looks like things are working out pretty well for the diva Maya Diab!
Even though she has been in the music industry for some time, she just started shinning. Her daring style paired with her gorgeous looks, Maya makes the perfect idol for any woman.

Only recently Maya ended the first season of the variety show "Heik Menghany" and simultaneously her duet with the star Ramy Ayach "Neb2a Sawa" has started airing all over radio waves and TV screens.

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Najwa Karam in 3D

Najwa Karam 3D Video Clip

There is always a first time for everything and of course in the Middle East when dealing with technology we seem to be a bit late! Yet all we could do is be pleased when technology finally reaches us!

With a lot of effort and the help of an American, British and Lebanese team Rotana and Sony merged to form a 3-D video clip for our beloved singer Najwa karam’s new song “Ma Fee Nom” the clip will air in all theaters, Sony show rooms and will be available in stores.

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Shatha Hassoun Mad in Al Sa3a!

Shatha Hassoun

Has Shatha Hassoun gone mad? Well, in her latest music video, she has indeed!
In the video of her song 'Al Sa3a', Shatha enters a psych ward and that's where the story happens!
The song, which is in the Khaliji dialect, is kinda' catchy!

Photos from Shatha Hassoun Al Sa3a Video

Photos Shada Hassoun Alsa3a Video clip

Have you seen the video? What did you think of it?
Is it a creative idea or is it just silly?
What did you think of Shatha's outfits in the video?

Nelly Makdessy the Newest Pirate in Town

Nelly Makdessy new music video

Nelly just finished shooting her newest clip for the song ‘Ya Dada’. In the clip, Nelly plays the role of a pirate that is under attack by other pirates who want to steal her boat and belongings but the victory is Nelly’s at the end as she wins the fight.
The clip took a day to shoot in Beirut, Lebanon. Nelly’s outfits are designed by Foad Sarkis and her makeup was done by Pamela Dakash.

Photos from Nelly Makdessy Ya Dada Video Clip

Photos Nelly Makdessy Ya Dada Music Video

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