Top 5 Plastic Surgery Messes! (Photos)

lizard man

Plastic surgery doesn't always go as planned, sometimes it's a success but other times it's a big disappointment and in many cases irreversible!! That's what a real nightmare is!!

Some people go under the knife once to correct something they think is wrong, while others take to the cutting table a couple more times ... but others become addicted to the procedure and keep coming back for more, whether they need it or not!

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Kuwait Encourages Polygamy

What would you say to this new policy in Kuwait ... If you're a married man and would like to marry again, meaning marrying a second wife, then there's a bank that's ready to give you a loan of 6 thousand Kuwaiti dinars!!

Kuwait Encourages Polygamy

This is a new facilitation devised by one Kuwaiti bank to boost the practice of polygamy in Kuwait.

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Superstition: All In Your Head?

evil eye

Science has managed to explain a lot of things and left very little way for things like superstition. But nevertheless people all over the Arab world are still using the evil eye or the ‘blue eye’ to ward off evil and as a form of prevention of diseases.

There are people who have turned this superstition into their career as specialist women who go around burning stones and circulating the hot plate over the heads of young children calling for evil spirits to exit the body of the child.

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Lost Men Found in Al Rub' Al Khali Desert (Photos)

Lost Men in Al Rub' Al Khali

Three men lost their way in Saudi Arabia's notorious desert "Al Rub' Al Khali". No water, no food and most probably a desert storm covered their four-wheel drive and left them to die ...
Three months of searching and they were finally found ... buried under the dunes, in their Lexus, dead and well preserved!

The three young men where on their way to visit their families who happen to live in a village deep in the "Al Rub' Al Khali" but lost their way into an area where sand is more like quick sand and they got stuck!

Photos of the 3 men found dead in Al Rub' Al Khali

Photos of Men Found in Al Rub Al Khali Desert

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Women and Magic?

Women and black magic

Is it true what's said that women resort to magic more than men?
Black magic, Voodoo, sorcery and spells ... all used throughout time for many reasons, and by both men and women!
But it seems that these days, there are reports that women resort to black magic more than men and the reasons are obvious; to find a way out of social problems or family issues.

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Muammar Gaddafi Death Certificate

Muammar Gaddafi Death Certificate

This is the official death certificate of Muammar Gaddafi. The certificate was issued on Thursday, the 20th of October 2011.

The first section of the certificate includes the following information:
Name: Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar Al-Gaddafi
Gender, Nationality and religion.
Date of the death.

The second section or half of the certificate includes information about the reason of death and the name of the doctor who conducted the medical examination, his name is Majdi Hassan.

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Dictators End Tragically!

Moammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussien

There's a famous saying that is very true; What goes around, comes around! It's all about the Karma, and bad Karma is bound to go after you and bite you in the a$$!
This is exactly what happens to dictators, who come to power, rule their people ruthlessly, treat them like trash and use their countries resources as if it was their's by inheritance!
The latest dictator to go down was Moammar Gaddafi ... he called his people "rats" and ironically died like one!
But there's a long list of others, who like Gaddafi, went down in shame!

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Juliette Brindak of Miss O and Friends’ Story of Success

Juliette Brindak

I’ve browsed so many sites but I don’t know why I never encountered Have you heard of it? If you did, why didn’t you share?

MissOandFriends is a site designed exclusively for girls. You know this site is great because its objective is to help boost confidence and self-esteem. It is a place where young girls can share their stories, make unique artworks, or just talk about their favourite movies and music! As of this moment, the site gets millions of visitors every month! And the site is now worth millions!

And you know what? It is owned by a 21-year-old girl! She is Juliette Brindak. Her idea for the site started when she was just a 10-year-old student. It was in 2004 that the site was launched with artwork licensed on consumer products. The site did great that is why Procter and Gamble took an interest. P&C invested on the site, so now, MissOand is already worth around $15 million!

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Fallujah’s War Effect Worse Than Hiroshima!

Yes, that is sadly true, since 2004, the year of the invasion of the Us troops into Iraq the rate of cancer and abnormality especially amongst children have greatly increased more than years before and the victims of this crime is much higher than the ones recorded by Hiroshima after the atomic bomb! Innocent people always suffer from the outcome of wars.

A study done by a group of authors and researchers like Dr Chris Busby, Malak Hamdan and Entesar Ariabi showed that the rate of cancer have increased four times more than the rate before the invasion and the forms of cancer amongst men, women and children is very similar to that of Hiroshima!

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Sex-Ed in Egyptian Schools?


In the Arab world the culture of having 'the talk' with your kids is completely unheard of and parents often find dealing with their kids' curiosity on the top very difficult. So some have suggested that schools in Egypt start to give sex education classes to save parents the hassle. This was perhaps sparked by some research conducted by Cairo University that the newer generation are resorting to improper material to answer their question about sex- which is obviously unhealthy! Dr. Tahani Othman says that this problem needs to be dealt with in a logical and scientific manner and that the amount of information teenagers are subjected to through the media makes it necessary to face their curiosity about sex heads on.

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Women of Steel, Women of Palestine

Palestinian women

On a weekly basis, an article will be written about inspirational Arabic women that shape up the Middle East and help make a difference in it. With great honor and pleasure I chose my first article to be about the strength and patience of the Palestinian women.

Sitting next to my mother as she tells me stories of the empowering Palestinian women I can’t control my eyes from swelling up as tears fall down my face. These women have withstood and are still withstanding pain that no other society can handle. Mama went further telling me how it felt when her mother, whom I never met, was killed in her house in South Lebanon in 1987 by a phosphorus bomb, the reason I wanted to mention my martyr grandma is because she, like many Palestinian women, didn’t agree to take refuge and leave her house and land even though more than numerous bombs were showering the village everyday.

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The Dangers of Textual Harassment

Mobile Messaging

Do you have a mobile phone? Do you send messages through your phone? How many messages do you send per day? 2, 3, 10 more…

Well texting isn’t all rainbows and butterflies for many people who are being textually harassed. Textual harassment consists of repetitive texting sometimes more than 100 messages a day. Usually teens bully other teens by repetitive texting or perverts who somehow got a number of a teen harass them by sending ‘sexting’ requests and by repetitive texting.

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Top 10 Muslims Flourishing in Hollywood

It is quite interesting to see how Muslim actors, singers, directors, screenwriters and more are gaining much needed success in Hollywood. The reason I say much needed success is because these famous Muslims can inspire many young, Muslim American’s to achieve their dreams without fearing rejections or lack of opportunities.

In a survey conducted by, ten famous Muslims working in the showbiz were picked:

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