Noor and Mohannad on DVD

Did you see that coming? Your favorite Turkish soap opera on DVD! A dream come true! The famous, smash hit Turkish series Noor is now on DVD for all you Songul/ Kivanc crazed fans to buy! The DVD box ... Read More

Noor and Mohannad in Bahrain

Noor and Mohannad have become celebrities in the Arab world over night! Now they're getting requests to visit countries around the Arab world so that their fans could get a chance, although small, to meet them. The two Turkish actors ... Read More

Gumus or Noor Actors

Ekrem Bora: You know him better as the head of the Shadoglu family, Fekri Bek. His full name is Ekram ... Read More

Serdar Orcin Photos

Turkish Actor Serdar Orcin was born in 1976. He looks familiar because you know him form the Turkish series Noor ... Read More