Noor and Mohannad on DVD

Noor and Mohannad signing Noor tv series DVD in Dubai

Did you see that coming? Your favorite Turkish soap opera on DVD! A dream come true!
The famous, smash hit Turkish series Noor is now on DVD for all you Songul/ Kivanc crazed fans to buy!
The DVD box is a beautiful addition to your DVD collection as it comes in a red velvety wooden box. Wouldn't you want that in your library?!
Both Songul and Kivanc were present at the DVD signing event in Dubai and met all their fans and signed their DVD box sets for them.

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Photos of Noor and Mohannad signing Noor's DVD in Dubai

new photos of Noor and Mohannad in Dubai

Noor and Mohannad in Bahrain

Noor and Mohannad have become celebrities in the Arab world over night! Now they're getting requests to visit countries around the Arab world so that their fans could get a chance, although small, to meet them.
The two Turkish actors will be heading to Bahrain in the coming couple of weeks and will be the guests of honor of a huge dinner banquet.
This will be the fourth country the on-screen couple visit after Dubai, Lebanon and Jordan.
Noor and Mohannad will be staying at a luxury resort for one night and will host the dinner banquet where they'll meet their fans and members of the press.

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Noor Stars Cause Sexual Harassment!

In the Arab world we say ‘Yekhlak Men El Shabah 40’ which basically means there are lots of people who look really similar! Well sometimes these stunning resemblances between people can cause drastic problems. That is exactly what happened at a shopping mall in Kuwait when someone saw two people shopping who looked like Noor and Muhannad and so spread the word in the mall. The obvious effect was a riot! The guys followed the girl trying to hit on her and went to the extent of actual sexual harassment, of course the girl ignored them but they did not stop and things just escalated!

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Songul Oden at Charity Iftar

Songul Oden at the Charity Iftar in Jordan

Noor Turkish star Songul Oden attended a charity iftar in Jordan at the Dunes Club. The proceedings from the iftar go towards a girl’s orphanage in Jordan and whilst Songul was there, she gave out presents to all of the girls. But of course attending the iftar were not just the orphans, Turkish drama series star automatically means a massive crowd. Everyone wanted to be around the star, but she gave her attention to the girls and made sure they were having a good time!

Photos from Songul Oden at the Charity Iftar in Jordan

Photos from Songul Oden in Jordan

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$60 For a Visit to Noor’s Palace

noor palace

This year an uncanny number of Arabs flooded to Turkey during the summer vacation after falling in love with ‘Noor’ on MBC4. Obviously no die hard fan would miss out on the opportunity to visit the famous Mohammad Aboud Afandi Palace that belongs to Noor and Muhannad and someone had to take advantage of this commercial goldmine. And as a result tickets are being printed with which visitors will be admitted to the castle.

The price? $60 and many people from the Arab world have expressed interest in buying some! I honestly think that this is pathetic; when the Arab world is teeming with poverty people are willing to spend $60 on a ticket to visit some castle just because two attractive Turkish people once walked on the same floor!

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Songul Oden in Amman Next Week

songul oden in amman

Turkish actress Songul Oden is going to pay a short visit to the Jordanian capitol Amman next week. (I guess i don't have to tell you that Songul is Noor!)
Songul was invited by the Arab Women's Organization and will be enjoying their hospitality for a couple of days.
Songul will be going on a few trips inside Jordan to visit famous touristic areas and interesting places.
A huge iftar banquette will be held in her honor at the famous Dunes Club and the money from the tickets will go to building an Orphanage somewhere in Amman.

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Noor was MBC's Winning Card!

Turkish TV series Noor conference

After 150 days of watching the Turkish TV series Noor and Sanawat Al Diaa, it was very important for MBC to crunch the numbers and do the math! Were these cards winning ones? Did the viewers really get attached to the series and the stories and the characters?
Well, the numbers are out and turns out Noor was a tad bit ahead of Sanawat Al Diaa in attracting viewers.
In a huge press conference held in Beirut a couple of days ago and with the much anticipated attendance of Turkish actress Songul Oden (Noor) and her friend Ayca Varlier (Dana).

Photos from MBC Turkish TV series conference

Photos of Noor and Dana at MBC Press conference in Beirut

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Turkish Actress and Model Hilal Uysun

Hilal Uysun is one of Turkey's top models but she's also starred in a few TV series.
Hilal played Nihal in the Turkish tv series Gumus. Nihal is the ex wife of Mohannad.
Her original name in the series is Nihan.

Photos of Hilal Uysun (Nihal )

Hilal Uysun photos

Gumus or Noor Actors

Ekrem Bora: You know him better as the head of the Shadoglu family, Fekri Bek. His full name is Ekram Shefik Ucak and he was born back in the year 1932!
He's a well known actor in Turkey and Gumus was the last thing he worked on. No, he didn't pass away, but it seems he's retired!

Photos of Ekrem Bora (Fekri)

Photos of Ekrem Bora

Faik Ergin: He's the second guy who played the character of Fajr or as he's originally named in the series 'Berk'.
Faik was born in Iskandarun in 1978.
Surprisingly enough, he studied engineering and isn't a graduate of any acting school!
Faik has also won the title of Best Male Model Turkey 2000!

Photos of Faik Ergin (Fajr)

Faik Ergin or fajr photos

Erdal Cindoruk: This guy has played one of the most obnoxious characters in Gumus ... Kenan! Erdal is also a well known actor in Turkey and he's worked on a lot of TV series in the past three years.

Photos of Erdal Cindoruk (Kenan)

Erdal Cindoruk Photos

- Füsun Erbulak (Hiba)
- Serdar Orcin (Anwar)
- Gungor Bayrak (Sharifeh)
- Songül Öden (Noor)

Noor Ending, Did You Like It?

Noor finale

Did you like the ending of the very famous Turkish TV Series Noor which millions of people around the Arab world have tuned in to tonight.

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Meet Füsun Erbulak, AKA Hiba Hanim!

Turkish actress Füsun Erbulak with her daughter Sevinc

Some of you have asked for information and photos of the Turkish actress who plays Hiba in the Turkish series Noor, here's what I found!
This is Turkish actress and writer Füsun Erbulak (who was born in Istanbul back in 1943). You know her better as Hiba Hanim (original name Dilruba) from Turkish tv series Noor.
We might have gotten used to her as Hiba, an opportunist old lady who's out to get the money of the Shadoglu family! But the actress behind the character is a famous actress, who was married to one of Turkey's most famous theater actors and caricaturists, Altan Erbulak.

Photos of Füsun Erbulak

Fusun Erbulak photos

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Muhannad Will Die?

Muhannad in coma

Do you think Muhannad will die at the end of Noor TV series?

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