Sandy Criticizing Salma Hayek! Ha!

sandy vs salma hayek

Tunisian so-called singer Sandy has taken it upon herself to criticize Salma Hayek for her choice of wardrobe on the red carpet of The 33rd Cairo International Film Festival!
Sandy, who showed up in a revealing, Toga inspired dress, thinks Salma's simple dress makes a mockery of the festival!
Salma, who won a life achievement award during the opening night of the 33rd CIFF, showed up along side her husband in a simple and modest blue, green and black print wrap dress from Balenciaga.

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What Do You Think of Shaima Video Clip?

Shaima new music video

A few days ago, my mother asked me if I watched the new video clip of Tunisian singer and LBC Star Academy 3 graduate Shaima Al Hilali, she told me that it is a very nice video and it's worth watching...
I only had the chance to watch yesterday, it is nice and I like it too!

Did you watch Shaima's new video clip for her song 'Meen Beyecha Bedeaa' or 'Who falls in love in a minute'? What do you think of it? Did you like it or hate it?

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If you didn't watch it, you can watch it on the following link:
Shaima Meen Beyecha Bedeaa Video

Photos from Shaima new video clip

Photos Shaima new video clip

The Newest from Amani Swissi

amani swissi new

Tunisian star academy contender, Amani Swissi has been a busy bee those past few weeks; she's worked on a new song and shot a music video to go along with it!
Amani's new song is entitled 'Sibha 3alaia' and is in the Egyptian dialect.
The music video, which is supposed to give Amani a new fresh view, is directed by Basem Moghnia and will air on Melody TV in the coming few days.

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Latifa ... A Rapper?!

latifa rap

Tunisian singer Latifa is trying to take her first steps into a new musical realm ... rap!
Will her experiment be successful?
More importantly, do you see Latifa as a rapper?!

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Ahmad Al Sharif in I am Thinking

Tunisian singer and Star Academy graduate, Ahmad Al Sharif, finished shooting his latest music video with director Walid Nasif.
The song 'Ana 3am Faker' or 'I am Thinking' is also the title of his new album, which is set for a June release.
The music video took two days of shooting and filming and as usual, the theme is a festive one, with whiffs of romance.
The setting was in Lebanon, between three beautiful areas, Jaaeita, Kasleek and Beirut.

Photos from Ahmad Ana 3am Faker video clip

Photos Ahmad Al Sharif I am Thinking video

Saber Al Rebai Celebrates His New Album

saber al rebai new album

Tunisian singer Saber Al Rebai celebrated the release of his latest album 'Waheshni Jidan' in a small gathering of media personalities in Tunis.
Saber revealed that it has taken him two years of hard work to come to this result and that the album contains a song that will be his Visa to the Khaliji music realm.

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Ahmad Successful Party at City Bar

City Bar is the place to be these days! The other night, Ahmad Al Sharif held a successful party at City Bar, where lots of his fans attended and were ecstatic to interact with the star and sing and dance along to his popular songs.

The bash went on till the wee hours of the morning, with non stop singing and dancing.
Another Star Academy star was there as well, Season 1ís winner and title holder, Mohammad Attieh was there to support his friend and posed for a photo with him as well.

Photos from Ahmad City Bar party

Photos Ahmad Alsharif City Bar Lebanon

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Ahmad Al Sharif to Ring in New Year in Amman!

Tunisian singer Ahmad Al Sharif

If you're an avid Ahmad Al Sharif fan, you'll want to ring in the New Year 2009 with him, no?
Well, Ahmad is going to be partying the night away in the Jordanian capitol, Amman.
He'll be holding a concert at the Holiday Inn.
Ahmad won't be on stage alone, he'll be sharing the spot light with Lebanese singer, May Hariri!

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Where in The World is Ahmad Al Sharif?

ahmad al sharif

It's been a while since we've heard anything about Ahmad Al Sharif! Where's he been hiding?
Well, Ahmad hasn't been hiding, he's just been under the radar working on a new album and a new song.
Ahmad has finished the final touches on a new single called 'Aini fi Ainak' and has started working on its music video, which he'll be shooting soon.

Have you got some news about Ahmad and his latest that we don't know about?
If you do, please share it with us!

Ahmad Al Sharif and Bahr Al Nujoom

ahmad al sharif

Ahmad Al Sharif may be one of the most famous Star Academy graduates with charisma and popular songs.
Ahmad was even picked by Pepsi for several ad campaigns especially the highly talked about movie Bahr Al Nujoom.
It's true that Bahr Al Nujoom is a movie, but it's also a musical ad campaign! This is the sole reason why Ahmad agreed to star in it alongside Haifa Wehbe, Wael Kfouri, Carole Samaha and Rowaida Al Mahrouky.
Ahmad may star in another movie in the future, but now he wants to concentrate on his singing career and finish his upcoming album and maybe try to plan his delayed wedding!
We wish Ahmad all the best and good luck in all his upcoming projects!