Latifa Moving on to cbc

Latifa in Yalla Nghani

Tunisian singer, turned TV host, Latifah has found new success after her show on MBC, Yalla Nghani. But she's now moving on to yet another TV channel with yet another TV show.

Latifa will be presenting a new show on Egyptian channel cbc.
Her new show is about celebrity life and love relationships between the stars.

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Is Latifa in Hiding?

Latifa in Purple

Where is Latifa Al Tounisia?
Since the start of the events in Tunisia and the fall of the president and his government, many Tunisian artists have made their voice heard.
The first was Hind Sabri, who published a bold letter in both French and Arabic on her official Facebook account.
But where has Latifa been?
The only activity she has shown was a single sentence on her official website stating: "Tunisia in my heart. May God protect Tunisia and its people".

What do you think?
Is Latifa pro Ben Ali?
Does her silence mean that she's against the change that has happened?
Or was she just afraid to speak out too soon?

Saber Al Rebai Divorce Rumors!? True!?

Saber Al Rebai

You must have heard the divorce rumors circulating around Saber Al Rebai ... but what's the real deal? Has he and his wife really separated after 15 years of marriage?
As we say in Arabic, there's no smoke without fire ... it seems the rumors are true but the reasons are still vague.

Saber and his wife have actually filed for divorce and are waiting for things to be finalized.

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Miriam Atallah and Ahmad El Sherif: Together Again?

Miriam Atallah and Ahmad El Sherif

You may remember the alleged romance between Star Academy graduates Miriam Atallah and Ahmad El Sherif back in Season 1; well they were seen together again! Sadly it's not as exciting as it sounds; 'Shoo Fi Ma Fi', a show on Al Aan TV, brought these two former love birds together for an interview last Friday! The show started with Miriam talking about her career after Star Academy and graduating from drama school in Syria! Miriam even discussed her controversial rejection of quite a few scripts and her new music video -in which I must say she looks great sporting a head of blonde hair!

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Saber el Rebai Talks About Facebook Impersonator

Saber el Rebai

The Tunisian megastar Saber el Rebai announced that he is adding the finishing touches to his new Album which is most anticipated by his fans. Saber said the album will contain 10 songs which will include songs in four different Arabic accents.

He also discussed the world music award after many fans complained that it had never been won by a Tunisian, saying that he already has a lot of awards that he is proud of and is not interested in one he has to buy.

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Ahmad Al Sharif Shoots "3Al Waad Ya Kamoun"

Ahmad Al Sharif

Tunisian singer Ahmad Al Sharif has just finished putting the final touches on his latest music video of his song "3Al Waad Ya Kamoun".
The clip is directed by Georgina Ibrahim, shot in Roumieh, Lebanon and was wrapped up in one day.

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Amani Swissi Kidnapped?!

Amani Swissi New Music Video

Well, Yes! But only in her new video clip!
Amani finished shooting her latest video clip for her song "Hay Jazati" or "I deserve this" , in which Amani is being chased by a gang that kidnaps her to an unknown place under her loverís demands.

This song is part of Amaniís new album, entitled "Ana Mish Malak" and the video was shot in preparation for the release of the album and will be broadcast on music channels very soon.

Photos from Amani Hay Jazati Video Clip

photos Amani Swissi 2010 video clip

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Ahmad El Sherif Gets Married!

Ahmad El Sherif

I'm not sure whether you'll like this news or not, since most of Ahmadís fans are girls.
Ahmad El Sherif and his longtime girlfriend/ fiance, Iman, tied the knot in an intimate ceremony, attended by close friends and family members, at his home in Sfax, Tunisia.

Itís good to know that even after Ahmad became famous, he didnít change or forget about his loved one, unlike others that do! Congratulations!

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