Sattar Saad Wins The Voice

Sattar Saad Wins The Voice

Gliding effortlessly through out the season, Iraqi contestant Sattar Saad, won over the coaches and the audience with his smile, diplomacy and obviously, his beautiful voice!
Sattar won the title of The Voice yesterday during the finale of the season with confidence.
Sattar was one of the talents in Kathem Al Saher's team and Al Saher always had lots of faith in him and was very hard on him during training and rehearsals.
Sattar dedicated his win to his coach, his mother, Iraq and all the audience around the Arab world, who gave him their votes.

Congratulation to Sattar and Kathem!

Murad Bouriki is Winner of The Voice

Murad Bouriki

The winner of The Voice is Moroccan talent, Murad Bouriki.
Murad was on Assi Hillani's team and has gotten the essence of his training through out the weeks.

Murad won the audience vote after an exciting night full of great performances, for one has to admit that the four finalists were unique and each deserves to win the title.

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The Winner of MBC The Voice is ...

The Voice Finalists

Who do you think will be the winner of MBC The Voice show tomorrow night?
Subsequently, which of the coaches will share the spotlight with his disciple?

Who will it be ...

- Yusra from Kathem's team
- Murad from Assi's team
- Qusai from Saber's team
- Farid from Shereen's team

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The Voice - Semi Finals - Episode 13

The Voice Semi Finals

The semi finals of The Voice on Friday night, paved the way for four talents to move on to the finals and compete for the title.
The four stars; Assi, Saber, Shereen and Kathem are proud of each talent that has reached this level from their teams.

Assi's disciple, Murad Bouriki competed against comrade Mori Hatem and won over the audience votes with "Ya Mal Esham".

Saber's team members, Lamia Zaidi and Qusai Hatem, competed against each other and Qusai won over the audience votes with his performance of "Janna Janna".

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The Voice - Episode 12 - LIVE

Kathem Al Saher's all-girl team

The fourth round of the LIVE performances was great, as usual!
The remaining 12 voices competed to win the votes of the viewers and the judges choice, the judges who have watched over the talents with pride and worked so hard to bring out the best of these voices. Only 8 of the 12 voices will move on to the next phase.

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The Voice - Episode 11 - LIVE

Lamia The Voice

The third round of the LIVE shows of The Voice was very interesting and challenging both for the contestants and their coaches!
This time, we were surprised that the contestants that usually sang western songs (English or French) performed in Arabic ... and vise versa!

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The Voice - Episode 10 - LIVE

The Teams The Voice

The second LIVE show of The Voice also saw three contestants from each team compete for the audience vote and the coach's choice.

The show kicked off with a joint performance from the four teams, during which each team sang a segment of a song.
Shereen's team did "El 7ilwa Di", while Kathem's team did "Salma Ya Salama".
Assi's team did "Mariam Mariamti", while Saber's team did "Ridha Allah w Radenak".

The voices which moved on to the next phase are as follows: after the jump ...

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The Voice - Episode 9 - LIVE

Kathem LIVE

The first LIVE episode of The Voice on Friday night was exhilarating!
Each coach gave three of his team the chance to sing on stage and voting from the audiences and viewers across the Arab world have been taken into consideration to decide the fate of one of the contestants. Meaning, that 1 will be moving on to the next level because of viewer votes.
The second contestant gets chosen by his/ her team coach and moves on to the next level.
Only one contestant from each team, every episode, will get the boot!

This time around, the contestants who stayed from each team are as follows: after the jump ...

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The Voice - Episode 8 - The Confrontation

Iyad Sfair & Christian Abu Anni

The last episode of The Confrontation on Friday night was exhilarating!
The team members competing gave it their best and the judges found it hard to make their choices. The fact that they had to choose between two very good voices is very difficult!

The best duel that night (in my opinion) was the one between Christian Abu Anni and Iyad Sfair as the two performed Michael Buble's Feeling Good. The two gave a professional performance!

Qualifiers from each team after the jump ...

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The Voice - Episode 7 - The Confrontation

Mori Vs. Sufian - The Voice

The second part of "The Confrontation", saw more duels between the members of the same team. More talents got the boot, while others moved on to the next phase.

As in the previous episode, 8 talents moved up to the "LIVE" phase and 9 talents got disqualified.

Qualifiers from each team after the jump ...

Qualifiers from Kathem's team: Nour Irqsousi & Radhouan Qutaish.
Qualifiers from Saber's team: Lamia Taha & Lamia Jamal.
Qualifiers from Assi's team: Elli Asmar & Mori Hatem.
Qualifiers from Shireen's team: Inji Amine & Mohammad Adli.

Next week will witness the final episode of "The Confrontation" and that's when the teams' final composition will take form.

The Voice - Episode 6 - The Confrontation

Muna on The Voice

Friday night saw the beginning of the new phase of The Voice; "The Confrontation", where members of the same team compete in a "boxing ring" in a singing duel. after the duel, one of the contestants leaves and the other stays.
The concept is very nice and I found it interesting.

In this episode, 8 talents moved up to the "LIVE" phase and 9 talents got the boot!

Qualifiers from each team after the jump ...

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The Voice - Episode 5

The Voice on MBC

The fifth episode of The Voice, which is the last in the "Voice Only" phase, was a heated one!
The judges were so excited about so many voices and were so eager to have some on their teams that they were obliged -and with pleasure- to increase the number of their team members from 12 to 13!

One of the voices which caught my attention, and which sounded -and looked familiar- was Lamia Jamal from Tunisia.
I knew that I had seen her somewhere ... and then it came to me! She was a student in the 8th season of another talent show; Star Academy.
Her voice is so good ... She sings both English and Arabic and Saber Al Rebaii was so eager to have her on his team ... as where the others! But she chose her countryman, Saber.

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The Voice - Episode 4

Tuba on The Voice.jpg

Last Friday was the 4th episode of The Voice, and during the show we got to see one of the people that we've seen compete in another talent show a couple of years ago; Tunisian Yusra Mahnoush! She was a near finalist on Future Super Star 4!

This episode is the last in the phase of "Voice Only", in which the judges lure the contestants to join their teams. This time, 11 contestants moved on to the next level, while 3 were left out.

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