Wafiq Al Zaeem Passes Away

Wafiq Al Zaeem

Syrian actor Wafiq Al Zaeem has passed away.
Al Zaeem has been battling with illness for some time and has lost the war as he lay in the American University of Beirut Medical Center.
Al Zaeem's body is now awaiting to be transported back to Damascus, where he is set to be buried. He was only 53 ...
May he rest in peace ...

Suzanne Najm Eddine, Twice a Bride?!

Syrian actress Suzanne Najm Eddine surprised her fans last week with photos of her engagement to a wealthy businessman from UAE.
This is what news sites and blogs reported, but the truth of the matter is totally different!
Turns out Suzanne is filming scenes from her upcoming Khaliji drama, entitled "Wesh Waj3ak".

Suzanne Najm Eddine

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Jamal Sulaiman Back to Syrian Drama

After years of absence from the Syrian drama scene, Jamal Sulaiman has finally decided to make a comeback!

The man who managed to persuade him into such a step is non other than famous Syrian director Hatem Ali.
Ali and Sulaiman collaborated many times in the past in series like Al Taghriba Al Falastinia, Mulouk Al Tawaef.

Jamal Sulaiman Back to Syrian Drama

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Joe Manganiello Syrian Look-alike

Syrian actor Rafi Wehbe stars in the Syrian drama "Sanaaoud Ba3da Qalil" or We'll be right back, this Ramadan.
I just noticed something, with a beard, he looks very much like an American actor, Joe Manganiello!

Rafi Wehbe Joe Manganiello Syrian Look-alike

Have you heard of him before? He's become known worldwide since he starred in the HBO TV series True Blood as the Werewolf, Alcide.

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Amal Arafa, Back into the Arms of Abdel Moneim Amayri

Sudden news of the divorce of Syrian couple Amal Arafa and Abdel Moneim Amayri has taken everyone by surprise last week.

Amal Arafa and Abdel Moneim Amayri

The couple have been married for more than ten years and have two daughters together, Salma and Mariam.
They usually seem like a happy and compatible couple, but from the shocking news, it seems what's behind closed doors is different.

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Anahid Fayad, From Gaza to Syria to Amman and Back

The crisis in Syria has driven thousands of people to flee ... actors and artists also.
One of those who had to leave is Syrian actress Anahid Fayad.
Anahid is originally and Palestinian from Gaza ... she fled Syria and took refuge in Jordan.
She has also been given the Jordanian nationality by her Jordanian husband.

Anahid Fayad in Gaza

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Ghassan Masoud Threatened by Extremists!

Ghassan Masoud

Ghassan Masoud is one of the most respected Syrian actors, that have chosen his roles wisely since the beginning of his career.
Masoud has been defending the image of Islam in many of his roles, most prominently his role in the famous Hollywood movie "Kingdom of Heaven" as the great Salah Eddine.

Since the beginning of the "revolution" in Syria, he's been under the radar and has decided to keep silent about the tragic situation there.
He left Syria, not to run away, but to devote himself to raising his children in peace, especially after getting threats from what he calls "takfirioun", who are extremists who call themselves Muslims.

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Meet Syrian Actor Samer Ismail!

Samer Ismail - Omar

Have you heard of an actor called Samer Ismail?
Well, you might not have heard of him, but you sure know him as Omar in the epic TV drama "Omar"!
Samer Ismail is a new Syrian actor and his role as the great Islamic Calif Omar is his first major role.

Samer auditioned for the series but was not aware that he was going to be chosen as Omar himself!
When Director Hatem Ali finally opened up to Samer and revealed to him that he was going to play Omar, Samer was shocked! He became unable to sleep and became aware that this could be the most important role of his life!

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Syrian Actor Khaled Taja Passes Away

Khaled Taja

Syrian actor Khaled Taja has passed away after struggling with illness. He was 73.
Taja suffered from Lung cancer, which he got because of his appetite for smoking!
Taja was nicknamed "The Arab Anthony Quinn" and he sure was just as a legend as the latter was.
His first role was as a truck driver and he never complained about any character given to him since. He played all sorts of roles and was a giant in even the smallest one.

Some of the famous series he participated in were Al Taghriba Al Falastinia, Ikhwat Al Turab, Ayam Shamia, Al Zir Salem and Yawmiat Mudir 3am ... just to name a few.

He will be greatly missed and will surely leave a huge empty spot in the Syrian drama scene.

May he rest in peace.

Jihan Abdel Atheem, Natural or Not?

Jihan Abdel Atheem

Syrian actress Jihan Abdel Atheem is always beautiful on screen.
She's tiny and cute, sensitive and very girly. She also look very natural ... but what do you think of her in this new photo above?!

It's true, she looks very nice and the make-up suits her, but doesn't she look kind of artificial?
Isn't the make-up a tad bit too heavy?

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Syrian Actor Yasser Al Athmah Alive and Not Dead!

Yasser Al Adma

During the past few days, news of Syrian actor Yasser Al Athmah’s death circulated the net and created some sort of a frenzy!

Some reports claimed that Al Athmah (or Alzma) passed away after a deliberate car crash that was meant to kill him because of being Anti-Assad!

Others only reported that his car crashed on the way to Latakia.

Well, it turns out that the news is no more than rumors and Al Athmah is alive and well.
He confirmed the news of his well being to many newspapers and stated that this is only another rumor that has targeted him throughout the years, the last one related to his marriage being on the rocks!

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Tayem Hasan Vs. Qusai Khouli

Tayem vs. Qusai

Two young Syrian stars are competing for the hearts of female viewers this Ramadan; Tayem Hasan and Qusai Khouli.
Tayem is the star of a fictitious story entitled "3abed Karaman", while Qusai is a blind hottie, who has a talent for the piano in "Al 3ishq Al Haram"!

Which series are you watching and who do you like more, Tayem or Qusai?

Duraid Lahham in "Khirbeh" This Ramadan

Duraid Lahham in Khirbeh

What does Duraid Lahham think of what's going on in Syria right now?
I ask this "timely" question because of his latest TV series "Khirbeh".
The comedy series, which is set for this Ramadan, tells the story of a little village in the Syrian countryside and the troubles the villagers face.
The villagers are divided into two families, each always planning to get the other into trouble!
Laith Hajjo, the series director, states that this series comes just in time as the Arab world is going through many changes and has seen many revolutions!

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