Ahmad Al Sharif Causes Crisis in Aleppo!

Star Academy star Ahmad Al Sharif caused a one-of-a-kind crisis in Aleppo, Syria during his concert there last week.
His concert was held at the Sheraton, and when the hall was set for 400 people, 800 were present! the people standing were exhausted by the end of the night, but the atmosphere and Ahmad's charisma were strong enough to make the people forget the exhaustion!
Ahmad sang a bundle of his most popular songs and the people were singing and dancing along and clapping all night long!

it's also worth mentioning that Ahmad will be releasing a new single in the coming few days, which will be followed by a music video and his new much awaited album as well!

Photos from Ahmad Aleppo Concert

Ahmad Aleppo Concert Photos

Sofia Gets Kidnapped and Tied!

photo from Sofia new music video clip 2008

Star Academy graduate Sofia Marikh has finished putting the final touches on her newest video clip 'Bahib Feek'.
The scenario of the clip is intriguing; Sofia gets kidnapped by her lover and although she suffers a lot, she couldn't but let her love for him prevail and she sings him the song 'Bahib Feek' and thus love conquers all!
Sofia proves through this clip that she has a couple of other talents like acting and dancing!
Her new song will be broadcast on Melody channels and then will be all over the Lebanese and Arab satellite channels.

Photos from Sofia new music video clip

pictures from Sofia Almarikh new music video clip

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Mohamed Attieh New Single

Mohamed Attieh

There has been a lot of varied debate about how successful Egyptian Star Academy winner Mohamed Attieh has been in both his acting and singing career. His last album released in 2004 ‘Ana El Habeeb’ did not do too well and even after he released a video clip for one of the songs, it still didn’t encourage people to listen to him. Well it seems that this hasn’t got him down as he just concluded the recording of a new song by the title ‘Ayesh Gowa Alby’ which he will release as a single and he may chose to add it to his upcoming album.

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Ahmad Al Sharif Rocks Beirut on New Year's Eve

Photo of Ahmad Al Sharif on the new year's eve 2008

People go out dancing and partying on New Year's eve ... so did Tunisian star Ahmad Al Sharif!
Ahmad held a farewell concert in Beirut at the Oscar palace ... it's a farewell to 2007 and a big huge welcome to 2008!
That wasn't enough for the Star Academy graduate, he moved on after ringing in the New Year to the Coral Beach where he celebrated with hundreds of people the first few hours of 2008.
Ahmad rocked the two concerts with his own songs and with many traditional Lebanese songs, which he gives a special ring when performing!

Photos from Ahmad's New Year's Eve concert

Pictures from Ahmad's New Year's Eve concert

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Ahmed AlSherif and Imen Finally Engaged

Photo of Ahmad and Iman

Ahmed AlSherif and Imen finally got engaged after many spread rumors that they got separated ...
Ahmed and Imen were in love before Ahmed joined LBC Star Academy first season and their love relationship proved to be stronger than all the obstacles that they faced starting from being far from each other for a long time and then with a growing and unexpected fame of Ahmed ... despite all that, they both stayed faithful to each other and they finally got engaged.

You can see Ahmed and Imen in the photos and also their friends from starac 1 like Mohammed Attiah, Bashar AlShatti and Baha.

Photos from Ahmed and Imen Engagement

Photos from Ahmed and Imen Engagement

Congratulations :)

Cynthia Karam TV Show!

Cynthia Karam

Remember Lebanese star academy 1 candidate Cynthia Karam? After a long time of disappearance, she has come back with a new TV show during the month of Ramadan on Alan TV satellite channel.

Cynthia new show is a new take on cooking shows; she introduces a new girl everyday with a new recipe, and at the end of the episode, Cynthia and a chef will judge the prepared dish…
You can vote too for your favorite recipe so that the girls with the most votes will earn valuable prizes at the end of month.

Sofia Opens Up About Bashar

Sofia and Bashar

All those avid Star Academy fans out there will remember the love story that was initiated during the first season of LBC Star Academy between Moroccan Sofia Al Mareekh and Kuwaiti Bashar Al Shatty. For the first time in a while Sofia announced that the love between her and Bashar was not meant to be for several reasons she couldn’t disclose and instead it has turned into a strong friendship. According to Sofia, Bashar was the first to call her and congratulate her on ‘Kelmet Hob’, her new album which made her very happy.

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Star Academy Students in Egyptian Movies

- Baha Al Kafi is working on a movie starring Egyptian singer Sheriff Makkawi.

- Tunisian Star Academy 1 Soumaya is going to star in a movie project starring young Egyptian actors. What makes this movie different, is that it's funded by the actors themselves and is going to be shot with a digital cam-corder!

- Mira is also preparing for a movie entitled "A Feminine Moment" -Lahzet Onoutha-

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New Photos of Sofia

If you are missing Moroccan Star Academy 1 candidate Sofia Al Marikh who had one of the very first love stories in the academy with Kuwaiti candidate Bashar Al Shatti ... here are some new photos of Sofia.

New Photos of Sofia

Thanks to Shaza for the photos

Star Academy Students' Latest Plans - Part 1

The students of the past 3 seasons of LBC Star Academy are working hard to launch their careers ... Some of them are on the right track, while unfortunately others are not really finding their way!
As you might already know, Star System & Rotana are working with the students to help them with launching their albums & marketing them in the Arab world.

Tunisian Amani Swissi is putting the final touches on her first album which is being produced by Rotana. Her album is due in May 2007.

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LBC Star Academy Students Reunite for Star System

On the occasion of Star System's 3rd anniversary, the company held a huge party in Beirut.
The guest list was also a long list of famous names of journalists ... In addition to the popular Star Academy stars of the past 3 seasons. They all reunited for the occasion & the atmosphere was so warm & fun through-out the night.
The presence of Salma Ghazali & Bashar Ghazawi was the one that stole the spotlights.
The other starac stars attending the party were Joseph Attieh, Hani Hussein, Hana Idrissi, Maya Nehmeh, Samer Doumet, Ahmad Al Sharif, Fadi Andraous, Amani Souissi, Shaima Hilali & Wajdi Al Akhal.

I wonder where others like Zizi & Hisham & Bashar Al Shatti were?
I also wonder where Mohammad Attieh's been hiding all this time?

Here are some photos from the party

pictures from star system party in Beirut

LBC Star Academy Now on DVD

The Best Of Star Academy

If you really miss the previous seasons of LBC star academy, don’t be sad! Now you can watch it all again, How? Well, LBC TV made available a special DVD which includes the best moments of the 3 seasons, over 10 reportages and the best medley's that were performed during the primes of each season.

Here are some of the DVD features:

• La bamba, hymne song of the first season
• Tableau Austin powers- Mohamed Attieh and the group
• Medley moon - Salma Ghazali, Amani Swissi, Zizi Adel, Joy Basous

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