LBC Star Academy 6 - Prime 1

Star Academy 6 first prime army theme

The 6th season of the very successful talent show Star Academy has begun and we’re going to be on it’s tail minute by minute!
The first prime has started on a very strong note; the theater got invaded by army soldiers!
The 20 new contestants enter the stage in gas masks! Attention! The Star Ac army has arrived!
Hilda comes out next in a beautiful white gown and she lights up the stage! As usual!

You want to meet the students, no? After the jump ...

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LBC Star Academy 6, Not Until March!

lbc star academy 6

There's still lots of speculation about the upcoming season of Star Academy!
There's no solid news about the start date and that's put all Starac fans on their toes!
Well, the latest I've come across concerning the 6th season is that it won't be starting soon!
There are some complications and the season won't be starting until next March!

Updates after the jump

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When Will Star Academy 6 Start?

A lot of you have been wondering when the sixth season of LBC Star Academy will begin?
It's true, that only last week Mission Fashion ended and that naturally means that something has to start on LBC! It has to be Star Academy, No?

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Star Academy 6 - Oman Casting

If you're in Oman and you'd like to try your luck for the upcoming sixth season of Star Academy, then you should run out the door right now!
The casting is on now at Crown Plaza Muscat!
Don't forget to take two photos of yourself and a copy of your passport! Yalla Go!

We've also gotten news that this year and for the first time, their will be a casting date for France! We'll let you know when exactly, if we get our hands on official dates!
As for all you Star Academy fans in the states, we're still not sure whether there's a casting date for you or not! We'll also let you know as soon as we do!

Star Academy 6 - Amman Casting Dates

For all you Star Academy enthusiasts, if you're living an Amman and would like to take your chances for the next season of LBC Star Academy, then you're in luck!
The casting will take place on August 2nd at 8.00 am at Days Inn.
Be there early with a photocopy of your passport and a small photo of yourself!
Good Luck!

LBC Star Academy 6 - More Casting Dates

So, the casting tour for LBC Star Academy 6 is on it's way to North Africa!
Here are the casting dates:

12-13-14 July at Abou Nawas Hotel - Tunis.

16-17 July at Royal Mansour Méridien - Casablanca.

19 July at Safir Hotel Mazafran - Zeralda Resorts.

You've got to be there early in the morning and don't forget to take a photocopy of your passport and a small photo of yourself with you!
Good Luck!

LBC Star Academy 6 Casting

Lots of doubt was around whether another season of LBC Star Academy will be in existence next year, but this season was a success and all you Star Academy fans out there can rejoice because Star Academy 6 will be coming your way and soon!
Casting dates for season 6 have already been announced.

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