Zaher Saleh Celebrates His Debut Single

Zaher Saleh Debut Single

Star Academy graduate and heartthrob Zaher Saleh celebrated the release of his debut single and music video at Sawa Cafe a few nights ago!
Zaher arrived in a mega-long limo and that triggered one journalist there to wonder: If this is how Zaher arrives for the release of a single, what will he do for the release of his debut album?!
The attendees included Mme. Mary Mahfouth, Saad Ramadan, Amal Boushousha and Jihan Khammas.

Photo of Zaher debut single celebration

photos of Zaher first single celebration

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Mirhan Hussein and a New Single Soon!


Although we're not seeing much of Star Academy graduate Mirhan Hussein, she is in fact a busy bee!
Mima -as her fans love to call her- has been working hard on her first single and will be shooting its music video soon. The single is called 'Sibhalu' -i'll leave it for him-.

Mima is also working on her debut acting project with Tamer Husni, in the movie 'Omar & Salma 2'. So, it's no rumor, she's going to star alongside the heartthrob singer!

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New Photos of Algerian Amal Bouchoucha

Are you a fan of Algerian Star Academy 5 candidate and current Rotana TV host Amal Bouchoucha, if your answer is yes! then you will definitely enjoy these new photos of Amal

latest pictures of Amal Bouchoucha

Thanks to Saliha for the sharing these photos with us.

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Qweider Debut Single Delayed!

It was reported a couple of days ago that Mohammad Qweider's debut single was set for release today, but there have been some complications and the single has been delayed until further notice due to production issues!
Qweider's brother, Diaa, reassures the fans that although there's a delay, the single is coming your way very soon!

These are new photos of Qwaider single CD cover

photos of mohammad Qwaider single CD cover

Thanks to Soo Strange for the news tip

Miss Shahinaz?

We keep hearing and receiving news of Mirhan, however it has been quite a while since we last heard or got any news tips or photos of Shahinaz?!

If you happen to know any news about her latest, please drop a comment here or send us an email :)

These are some photos of Shahinaz that we are adding for the first time on Waleg. You can see Shahinaz with Egyptian actors Hani Salama and Nilly.

photos of Shahinaz with Egyptian actors

- Shahinaz With Tamer and Hamaki [With Photos]
- Shahinaz Birthday Party [With Photos]

Saad Ramadan First Video Clip

If you are waiting for the first music video of Lebanese Starac 5 graduate Saad Ramadan, your wait will be over soon, Saad's first video clip for his song 'Khalas al Wa'at' or 'Time is over' will be ready by the end of this week and will air on LBC and other satellite music channels like Melody and Mazzika next week!

Saad's song is already being broadcast on Radio FM Melody Lebanon and got good feedback from the audience.
The song is written by the famous Nizar Fransis and is composed by Samir Sfair and distributed by Michel Fadel.

New photos of Saad

Saad Ramadan new photos

Thanks to Soo Strange for the photos.

- Saad at Kasr Al Noujoum Restaurant
- Saad Concert in Ras El Matin