Rim Banna Invades Tunisia in April!

Palestinian singer Rim Banna will be holing a series of concerts in Tunisia this Spring.
She'll be touring the country from North to South and will be spreading her mystical music across the sand dunes and Olive tress.

Rim Banna

Rim will be singing songs from her latest album "Revelation of ecstasy and rebellion", in addition to other songs from her repertoire.

The schedule is as follows:
April 5th - Theatre Municipal de Gabes.
April 6th - Complexe Culturel Tataouine
April 8th - Theatre Municipal de Sousse

Her concerts are surely not to be missed, because they will take you flying on a magical carpet to the beautiful Palestine and you'll be soaring on the wings of doves and eagles, as you listen to her echoing voice.


Shamma Hamdan, Then & Now

Shamma Hamdan, the 19-year-old finalist on the second season of Arabs Got Talent, has evolved during the past year and has bloomed into a beautiful young lady.
when she first appeared on TV, she was a Tomboy ... but not anymore!

Check out Shamma then, beck in 2012 and now! What a transformation!

Shamma Hamdan, Then & Now

Sarah Farah and Shaima Hilali Debut Releases

Remember Sarah Farah from Star Academy 8?
Remember Shaima Hilali from Star Academy 3?
Both girls have worked hard after leaving the academy to launch themselves a career and find a place among the many singers of the Arab world.

Sarah Farah and Shaima Hilali

And both girls are busy these days and very excited because one one hand, Sarah is going to release her debut single entitled "Bi 3ez El Dohor" next week.
"Bi 3ez El Dohor" is a jabali song. Lyrics by Fadi Murjan, composed by Fadel Sulaiman.

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Sabah Married Yet Again!?

Lebanese singer Sabah has been known for being the marrying type! She's gotten married so many times and mostly to younger men ... Ghrrr ... talk about being a cougar!!

Well, it's happening again! Sabah has made the news with "false" reports of her getting married yet again, this time to a 21-year-old Saudi! Yup! That makes the age gap between them around 40 years!

Sabah 2013

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Rouwaida Attieh Sings Abwab Al Salam

Rouwaida Attieh Sings Abwab Al Salam

Syrian singer Rouwaida Attieh has finished working on her latest song "Abwab Al Salam" or The Doors of Peace.
The song is a big thing for Rouwaida, because it's a Wadi3 Al Safi song, that she's been given the OK from Al Safi himself to rerecord the song.

Rouwaida has finished work on the song and has also shot a video clip.
Both the song and the video clip will be released in the coming couple of days.

Ahlam in Tony Yaacoub on 2013 Album Cover

Ahlam 2013 album cover

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at the photo above, isn't the dress or the jewelry, but the huge amount of photoshop-ing that the photo of Ahlam has underwent!!!

Seriously, since when does Ahlam have such a small waist?!

In all cases, this photo was shared by Lebanese designer Tony Yaacoub, who has dressed Ahlam many times before. We all remember the golden, diamond gown costing around $450.000 that Ahlam wore in the finale of Arab Idol 1.

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Nasif Zaitoun to Release Debut Album

Nasif Zaitoun New Album

Star Academy winner Nasif Zaitoun is getting ready for the release of his debut album in the coming few days.
Although he's been off the radar for some time, he's been working hard all this time on his 1st album.
He's been meticulous in choosing his songs and decided to go with the Lebanese dialect.
He wants to sing in other Arabic dialects in the future, but wants to make a stable name for himself on the music scene and then move on.

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Rim Banna's New Album, Mystical

Rim Banna Album Cover

Palestinian singer Rim Banna has just released her latest album on Monday, Revelation of ecstasy and rebellion.
The album, which contains 12 songs is simply chic and may I use the word "matronly" ... not in the motherly sense of the word but in the sober and astounding sense of the word.

The songs are mystical, exhuming rays of rebellion, difference and passion.
The words are those of great poets from the past and present such as Ibn Arabi, Rabia Al Adawia, Badr Shaker Assaiab and Mahmoud Darwish.

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Sofia Al Marikh and Basma Bousel Retire!

Sofia and Basma retire from singing

What a bombshell to end the day on! Both Moroccan Star Academy graduates, Sofia Al Marikh and Basma Bousel have decided to withdraw from the music scene and retire! Yup, that actually means that they'll stop singing and you wont be seeing them on any music channel any time soon!

Both singers have recently gotten married ... Sofia to a Moroccan businessman and Basma to Tamer Hosny.
Regarding Basma's retirement, it seems Tamer was the one who proceeded in stopping all her projects and asked her manager to refuse any concerts or parties and asked him to stop all work on what was to be her upcoming album.

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Sofia Al Marikh Ties The Knot!

Sofia Marikh Married

Moroccan star Sofia Al Marikh has gotten married and is know Mrs. Sofia!
She tied the knot with a Moroccan business man sometime last week.

Gone are the days of the platonic love between her and Bashar Shatti in Star Academy 1! Wow, it seems like a century ago that the two were lovey dovey and rumors of their relationship getting more serious hit the internet.
Do you remember?

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George Wassouf Converts to Islam!?

Wassouf Turns to Islam

Have you heard the latest rumor? George Wassouf converts to Islam?
The news has been circulating for some time and has caused a stir between his fans and the media.
The news was somewhat verified after Rotana magazine published a story about Wassouf and claimed that he has indeed converted to Islam and was seen praying in a mosque.
They also report that during one of his latest concerts, he refused to kiss a cross handed to him be one of his fans, telling him: "I really can't, I am Muslim!" Which as you can imagine, shocked some of the attendees.

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Is Rouwaida Attieh The Queen of Arabic Music?


Syrian singer and Super Star finalist, Rouwaida Attieh was the guest of Coke Studio on MBC last night.
Rouwaida shared the episode with a Gypsy group from the Balkans, specifically Yugoslavia, and the mix of both types of music, Arabic and Gypsy, was an unforgettable one.

Another singer sharing the episode was Lebanese Gypsy, Bilal.

What caught my attention, other than the great "Fusion" music, was that Rouwaida seems to be a whole lot full of herself!
She even said that she's the crowned queen of Arabic music ... !
Now the thing is, no one can argue that she's got one of the grandest voices in the Arab world today!

What do you think? Is she?
And even if she was the best, should she be so frank about it and call herself a queen?!

Meet Kathem Al Saher's Granddaughter, Sana

Sana Al Saher

Kathem Al Saher has been around for a long time, but I can safely say that he doesn't look his age!
Kathem is already a Granddad! He's got a little cupcake for a granddaughter and she's just so deliciously cute!
Little Sana Al Saher, the daughter of Wissam Al Saher, is only 9 months old, but has got an ear for music. According to her mom, she swoons to the tunes of her granddad's songs!

Little Sana made her debut in the famous magazine Sayidati, after arriving at Beirut international airport after a long trip coming from California.
The little family was welcomed by the crew of Sayidati and photos were taken of the little munchkin.

Photos of Baby Sana Al Saher

Photos Sana AlSaher

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Who in the world is Anwar Nour?!

Anwar Nour

Singers seem to be popping up like mushrooms these days!
Some have the looks and have no voice and others don't have either!
Now, have you ever heard of a dude called Anwar Nour?! Well, call me ignorant, but I haven't!

What caught my attention isn't his voice but how girly he looks! Sorry Anwar fans, but you gotta say it like it is!
What's with the hairdo and the soft bang ... kinda reminds me of Jawad Al Ali!
I maybe judging the book by its cover though!

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