Aseel & Khaled Open Up on MBC1

Aseel and Khaled

Remember the reality TV show "Newlyweds" that followed the everyday life of Jessica Simpson and her 'then' husband Nick Lachey? Well, now there's an Arabic version of the show that dives into the everyday lives of Aseel & Khaled!
The show, which is entitled "Heya wa Howa" and airs on MBC1, follows Saudi singer Aseel and her Bahraini husband Khaled as they live their lives and go through everyday stuff.

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Amr Khaled in The Realm of Reality TV Shows


Have you heard of the latest reality TV show 'Mujadidun'?
It's not a talent show, it's not a match-making show, it's not a fashion show but it's an entertainment show with a message!
According to Islamic preacher Amr Khaled, he has ventured into the realm of entertainment shows and reality TV with his new show 'Mujadidun' to get a certain image of the Islamic youth across to the world.

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Another Season of Talent Shows Coming Your Way!

various talent shows logos

If you're into reality TV and talent shows, you'll be happy to know that this year's season is yet to begin!
If you're wondering when shows like Super Star, Mission Fashion and Perfect Bride will begin, you're wait isn't long!
Starting from November, you'll have a lot to watch on many Arab Satellite channels.
The very popular talent show, LBC Star Academy is going to kick start its 7th season by January or February 2010.

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Get Ready for Al Zaeem Academy!

al zaeem adel imam

For the past 6 years, we've been witnessing a revolution of reality TV shows and talent contests all over the satellite channels.
Most of these talent shows are related to singing and becoming popular music stars.
Why has no one come up with a talent show targeting acting? ... Well, I spoke too soon, because someone has!

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Al Qarar ... Two Million Riyals to Win!

al qarar on mbc1

A new program on MBC1 and a whopping prize to be won!
Al Qarar is the latest game show on MBC1 and is hosted by Saudi actor Abdel Muhsen Al Nimer.
What's it all about then? ... 9 contestants, who have never met each other and have only gotten acquainted through the program, are stuck in a very high-tech villa, from which they cannot leave unless they chose 1 ... only 1 of them to win the 2 million Riyals! Twisted!
Those nine have no way of contact with the outside world! No cellphone and even no watch! What will they do? And how long will they be able to survive like this?
There are a set of rules that need to be followed ... and there's a game ... a catch ...
All the contestants have secrets ... deep and dark secrets!
If the contestants do not choose 1 unanimously ... there will be punishment!

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The Next Big Belly Dancer!

Simon Asmar is known as the discoverer of many Lebanese artists but this year and directly after Eid he is coming to us with a brave and original new program. Simon’s program is in the form of a reality show but instead of participants anticipating to be singers they will be belly dancers. Girls from all over the world will come together to compete against each other on who can perform this fine art the best and will be subjected to criticism by a highly experienced judging panel.

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Star Academy Egypt

First there was LBC star Academy ... Then came Star Academy Maghreb and the future seems to hold a new version of this extremely popular show; Star Academy Egypt!
Egyptian singer Amr Diab has been planning this for some time now and after taking the OK from the Egyptian ministry of communications it seems he will go ahead with his plan.

The show will be a bit different that our usual Star Academy, the prime will supposedly air on Thursday, but there will be a daily summary of the life inside the Academy.

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Star Academy Maghreb 1 on Nesma TV

Star Academy Maghreb 1

Nabil Al Qarawi, owner of Qarawi & Qarawi World, said that the new Tunisian private TV channel "Nesma TV" will begin broadcasting at the end of the year making it the second private TV channel in Tunisia but it will be directed to North Africa countries (The Arab Maghreb).

Broadcasting from Paris on Nilesat and Arabsat and produced in Tunis, the station will grab the attention of its North African viewers with variety programs, movies, Hollywood TV series, sports and children’s programs amongst others.

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Star Academy Maghreb

star academy maghreb

Did you know that there is a casting taking place in Tunisia these days for the first edition of Star Academy Maghreb?
Star Academy Maghreb is another version of Star Academy, but this one is specifically for countries in North Africa; Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya and probably Mauritania as well.
Many young people showed up for the casting, Which not only requires the participant to sing Arabic songs but but R & B, Rai music, Regea & many other styles are also welcome!
Do you think Star Academy Maghreb will succeed like LBC Star Academy?

By Guest Writer bambusha

Sexual Harassment on Big Brother

australian big brother contestants

Two contestants on the Australian Big Brother are at the center of a sexual controversy after being ejected from the program.
John and Ashley allegedly sexually harassed female contestant Camilla early yesterday, & their removal from the house should indicate how serious the matter is.
It seems that one of the guys pinned Camilla down while the other rubbed his crotch on her face!
In a joint statement shortly after they left the house, Ashley, a bricklayer from Western Australia, and John, a student from Victoria, admitted they had broken the game's rules concerning sexual harassment.

X-Factor or Star Academy?

LBC has become known for the very popular show Star Academy which aims to produce stars in singing, dancing and acting.
Now another program, X-Factor, is being produced by Rotana, and it is a new show very similar to Star Academy.
But it's only aim is searching for real singers. There seems to be a rival between these two shows in popularity. At the moment people think there is no other show that can meet up to the Star Academy standards.

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Mission Fashion

So its the end of Star Academy... Now its time for the new reality show: Mission Fashion, every week a fashion designer and a model goes home.. Will you watch it or have you had enough of these reality shows?

By guest writer Yaman

Your Reality Show!

With our obsession of Reality television on overdrive, it is looking more increasingly like 'reality television' is not just a phase...but is here to stay and continue in dominating the television schedule, as well as gossip inches in magazines, newspapers and masses of web pages for years to come. In fact it is almost inevitable now to dedicate considerable thinking time to the cage like concept and to imagine being the guinea pig in the experiment or to wonder what it would be like as the controller running the show

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