Reality TV

Aseel & Khaled Open Up on MBC1

Remember the reality TV show "Newlyweds" that followed the everyday life of Jessica Simpson and her 'then' husband Nick Lachey? Well, now there's an Arabic version of the show that dives into the everyday lives of Aseel & Khaled! ... Read More

Amr Khaled in The Realm of Reality TV Shows

Have you heard of the latest reality TV show 'Mujadidun'? It's not a talent show, it's not a match-making show, it's not a fashion show but it's an entertainment show with a message! According to Islamic preacher Amr Khaled, ... Read More

Star Academy Egypt

First there was LBC star Academy ... Then came Star Academy Maghreb and the future seems to hold a new ... Read More

Star Academy Maghreb

Did you know that there is a casting taking place in Tunisia these days for the first edition of ... Read More

Reality Shows on LBC TV

These are some dates of the upcoming reality shows that will be airing on LBC after Mission Fashion: July – ... Read More

Mission Fashion

So its the end of Star Academy... Now its time for the new reality show: Mission Fashion, every week a ... Read More

Your Reality Show!

With our obsession of Reality television on overdrive, it is looking more increasingly like 'reality television' is not just a ... Read More