What is the Problem in Showing a Naked Lady?

Art and Arab celebrities

Why we always have to be stuck with our old traditions, if we can be clean and pure in what we are showing. What is the problem in showing a naked lady, from an artistic point of view... for many years, women were the key center for artistic inspiration, and their naked bodies are now master pieces in all museums all over the world.

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Bashar is Not a Dictator at All!

Bashar Al-Assad

First of all I can't imagine how could non Syrians say that they are with Syria uprising and they don't really know who Bashar Al-Assad is! Actually only Syrians know why they love Bashar and why are they with him. We saw the changes he has done within these 10 years. And whoever talking about 1980s should know that Bashar is completely different than his father.

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Tamer Deserves No Appreciation or Gratitude!


Why is this Rafah border open to popstars and not to humanitarian supplies or to people who would actually like to fight alongside their Palestinian brothers? The bottom line is Tamer Hosny being there hasn't achieved anything useful...

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Haifa is Always Number One

Haifa Wehbe

People seem to look at all the negatives of Haifa now just to put her down because they are in denial that her career is still going up.
It's a natural thing and everyone gets old... her arms have always been flabby like that ever since Alwadi TV show but at The Manager 7th prime they are more flabby because its 5-6 years later and she is around 40 now. Her fame is clearly enlarging every step of the way and you can tell because people are more crazy over her performances now than ever before...

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