Ramadan 2014 … Make it Different

Ramadan 2014

Ramadan is back giving us a precious opportunity to get closer to God and shape up our souls. While time flies too fast, Muslims should get into Ramadan mode as fast as they can and grab the most possible blessings of the holy month:
Here are some tips to make your Ramadan different:

1- Be pure and sincere:
If you ask yourself about the essence of any deeds you’ll find that only sincere intention makes them acceptable. Purify your heart and seek nothing, but God’s pleasure in all worship acts.

2- Have a healthy lifestyle:
Make Ramadan an opportunity to detox your body through reducing caffeine and smoking intakes, if you are a smoker. Start with a carbohydrate Sahur, the pre-dawn meal, to keep your body energized through the day. For Iftar, evening meal where Muslims break their fasting, make sure to replenish energy levels through having the major food groups within the meal. However, avoid excessive eating. Follow the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad and break your fast with dates. It was proven that dates are easily digested and rich with sugar.

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Adel Imam Returns This Ramadan

Grand Egyptian actor Adel Imam has found a new vibe in Ramadan TV series.
A few years ago he claimed success for his series "Firkat Naji Attallah" and last year it was "Al 3arraf" and this year he's returning with a new one entitled "Sa7eb Al Sa3ada" or His Excellency.

Adel Imam Returns This Ramadan

This year, Imam is a government official who has retired and has now all the time to care for his family and tend to the needs and problems of his children and grandchildren.

Joining Imam are a bouquet of famous names like Libliba, Khaled Zaki, Mohammed Imam and Edward!

If you're a Adel Imam, you can tune in to MBC to watch "Sa7eb Al Sa3ada".

Wishing You a Love-filled Ramadan 2013

Wishing you and all your loved ones ... and their loved ones as well a blessed Ramadan.

Ramadan 2013 Mubarak

May this Ramadan bring peace and tranquility to all Muslims of the world, to all people who are suffering in the world.
This year we remember our brothers and sister all over the world, where there is turmoil; Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Myanmar ... and Lebanon, Libya, Darfur, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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What Are Your Plans for Ramadan 2013?

I'll put it straight and simple ... what are your plans for this Ramadan?
The holy month of Ramadan is less than a week from now and Muslims start preparing for it with enthusiasm!
Whether it is preparing for the delicious dishes they make only in Ramadan or the house decorations which have started to become a rave about four years ago or preparing oneself spiritually for a month of fasting, praying and dedicating oneself religiously ... which one are you going through right now?!

Quraan in Ramadan

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Nadine Al Rassi & Duraid Lahham in Ramadan 2013

Nadine Al Rassi

The race to Ramadan TV series has begun! And the channels have already started competing and thinking of which series to buy and which series might bring in more ratings and more viewers!

Well, if you're a fan of Syrian actor Duraid Lahham or Lebanese star Nadine Al Rassi, then you're in luck, because the two have teamed up for a series entitled "Sanaaoud Ba3da Qalil" or We"ll Be Right Back.

The series sheds light on the crisis in Syria in a neutral and objective way.
It shows the plight of ordinary people during the war.

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Ramadan Traffic Reveals the Hidden Force Inside!


“Come on, get out of the way, I’m fasting here!!”

I’m sure you’ve heard that on before!
I just want to know, what is it about Ramadan that drives people crazy?
You would think that logically, if you’re fasting then you wouldn’t have enough energy to go insane, shout, fight and honk all the time. It seems fasting reveals some hidden force inside people! A kind of magical energy reserved only for bad language, shouting and frustration!
I’m no expert but that’s not the way a good Muslim society should be acting during this holy month!
Every culture has a religious period of some kind but they are characterized by calm, peace and quiet. Why can’t we?

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The Life and Lies of the Ramadan Tents

Ramadan Tents

Unfortunately perhaps just like prayer and worship are an important part of Ramadan, tents are to some people equally integral. But there are several types of Ramadan tents, and it will be interesting to hear from you the readers which –if any- you prefer! There are of course the community service tents in which food is handed out to the poor, but as is the case with most things havoc prevails in these tents with people trying to grab extra meals.

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No Time in Ramadan?

No Time in Ramadan

I hear a lot of people saying that there’s no time to do anything during Ramadan…
“Oh, I want to go to cut my hair but there’s no time…”
“Oh, I can’t get all of my work done … there’s not time…”
Oh this and Oh that!!!

Well, for those of you who are still convinced that time flies by so quickly… I would just like to remind you that Ramadan isn’t a special time zone! Neither is it a hole in the space-time continuum…and it’s definitely not a loophole in Einstein’s theory of time and space.

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Happy Ramadan 2012

Ramadan 2012

Today is the first day of Ramadan in many countries around the world. But like last year, Ramadan is different! While bloodshed has relatively stopped in Libya, it continues in Syria and it doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon... Bashar Al-Assad is still in denial and his profile is soon to be updated on Wikipedia pages with either ex-president or the late ... I believe it's up to him!

It's true that days during this Ramadan will be the longest and probably the hottest, however comparing that with the suffering of people in Syria and the hard life of the unfortunate around the world... longs days and heat are manageable and shouldn't be an excuse!

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Ramadan 2011 Mubarak!

Ramadan 2011

Another year, another Ramadan ... but this year it's a tad bit different.
This year our brothers and sisters in many Arab countries are suffering and won't be enjoying the Holy month of Ramadan as they might have in past years; Syria, Yemen and Libya. We add these three countries to a long list that starts with Palestine and ends with Somalia.

These difficult circumstances that are passing over the Arab world, should make us more aware of the importance of a month like Ramadan; keeping the unfortunate in our prayers, remembering to help each other, controlling our anger and staying away from violence and finally enjoying every minute with our loved ones and thanking God for every little blessing, for everything is a blessing but few realize it. Just think of the children suffering from malnutrition and famine in Somalia today ... and think, isn't that bowl of olives and piece of bread on your kitchen table a blessing?

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Ramadan 2010 Mubarak

Ramadan 2010 Mubarak

The Holy month of Ramadan has knocked our doors once again and we've let him in with arms wide open and with hearts warm with love.
As it has been for centuries, this months is a chance for us all to remember and do our best to help the unlucky ones; the poor, the hungry and the rest of the unfortunates all over the world.

Another year has passed and unfortunately no peace has been reached in war-stricken areas across th globe, most importantly for us, here in the Middle East, Palestine and Iraq.
We pray to God, with pure hearts and with strong belief, that he brings peace and tranquility to Palestine and Iraq and to bring an end to the suffering of our brothers and sisters there.

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Football Players Exempt From Ramadan?!

In a very controversial announcement by the Islamic Association in Germany it was announced that football players will be exempt from fasting during Ramadhan where they have to play a game! They claim that Islam encouraged us to take care of our bodies and being able to eat and drink is essential for those football players who are running around during a game. Perhaps more controversially is the fact that the Azhar in Cairo has supported this fatwa.

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Ramadan, The Month of TV?

abu mahjoob in Ramadan

For the past few years, days before the Holy month of Ramadan begins, TV channels start advertising their Ramadan schedule.
The grid contains religious programs and talk shows, but the majority of the grid is full of TV series, whether Egyptian, Syrian or Khaliji.
It has become a norm that Ramadan is the month of TV series and the champion is the person one who can fit in as many series as possible per day!
I know of a person who was bragging that she managed to watch 10 series during Ramadan! Kudos Wallah!

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