Worst Family Photo Ever

Check out the world's worst family photo ever!
The parents in the photo, decided to post it on Reddit and it was a huge success ... it got a whopping 2 million views!

Worst Family Photo Ever

In the photo, the parents were swinging their 4-year-old son, when the little 6-month-old baby slipped from his mother's grip as the photo was being taken.
Just so that you know, the baby did fall on the sand, but suffered no harm.

What do you think of this photo?

Messi and Mohammad Assaf

This is for all you Mohammad Assaf and Barcelona fans!

Messi and Mohammad Assaf

As you may have heard, Barcelona was in Palestine and played with some 40 Palestinian kids in the West Bank over the weekend. They also dropped by Bethlehem and Dura Al Khalil to visit Historic places.
Barcelona's visit is part of their "Peace Tour".
Arab Idol Mohammad Assaf was there to meet Lionel Messi and his team mates.

Isn't this way cool!?

Al Sisi with Jamal Abdel Nasser

Egypt celebrated Revolution Day yesterday, which is the day that Jamal Abdel Nasser carried out a military coup that overthrew King Farouq, 61 years ago in 1952.

I came across a very insightful photo of the man who took the decision to overthrow Egypt's last President, Mohammad Morsi ... General Abdel Fattah Al Sisi.

Al Sisi with Jamal Abdel Nasser

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Nancy Ajram Holding Sleeping Ella

Nancy Ajram holding her daughter Ella as she sleeps ... this should rather be Picture of the Year, not of the week!

Nancy and Ella

On the night of the Arab Idol prime, Nancy posted this very au naturel photo of her self getting ready for the night as she held her daughter Ella in her arms as she slept.
The caption under the photo said: "When my sweet Ella sleeps, I can hold my breath forever not to wake her up.."

I once read a quote somewhere that said that there's no pillow softer than a mother's lap ... true ...

Now, isn't that just so sweet and heart melting?!

Rushdy Abaza and Tahiya Karioka

Rushdy Abaza and Tahiya Karioka

Photo of Egyptian actor Rushdy Abaza with Egyptian belly dancer and actress Tahiya Karioka. Rushdy was among Tahiya's 14 husbands, whom she married throughout her life.

Haifa Wehbe is a GR8 Woman!

Haifa Wehbe at great woman awards

Haifa Wehbe has been invited to the annual Great women awards at Jumaira hotel in Dubai.
Haifa was the only singer present among doctors, journalists, architects and more!

She won an award and dedicated her win to the battered women of the Arab world and wished they'd get their freedom from injustice soon.

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Nancy & Nawal off to Doha

Nancy & Nawal

Snapped at the airport today ... Nancy Ajram and comrade Nawal Al Zoghbi jetting off to Doha to participate in the "Souq Waqef" festival.

What do you think of the two gals?

Nancy Ajram Is Still A Cutie

Nancy Ajram Still a Cutie.jpg

Next year around this time, exactly on May 16th, 2013, Nancy Ajram will be 30 years old.
Although she gave birth to two beautiful babies, Mila who is 3 years old and Ella who is 1 year old, Nancy still has a great svelte figure.

I know that Nancy is a star/ celebrity in the Arab world but she is still an Arab mum - most of which tend to loose it after birth when it come to their forms - but not Nancy! and for that we say kudos to her ... keep it up Nancy, you are still a cutie :)

Somaya El Khashab Before and After

Somaya El Khashab

Look how Egyptian actress Somaya El Khashab changed over the years!?! The photo on the right was taken during the shooting of her new TV series...

Is gaining weight becoming a trend among Egyptian actresses?? Have your say and let us know what do you think about Somaya's new look!