Arwa Gouda at Cannes Film Festival 2013 (Photos)

Arwa Gouda Cannes Red Carpet

Enjoy these photos of Egyptian Model/ Actress Arwa Gouda at the Red Carpet Opening Ceremony of Cannes Film Festival 2013. Arwa got praised for her bold and daring choice of dress.

Photos of Arwa Gouda at Cannes Film Festival

Photos Arwa Gouda Cannes Film Festival

Arwa is currently working on two projects, the first is a TV series that will be aired during Ramadan, it’s called ‘Al Rakeen’ and the second is a new film ’69 Midan Al Saha’ along with Khaled Abou Naja and Lebleba. (Thanks @Arwa_Gouda for correcting our information :) ... )

What do you think of Arwa’s dress?

Ahmed Shobair's Daughter Wedding Photos

Ahmed Shobair with his daughter Fatma

Former Egyptian goalkeeper Ahmed Shobair's daughter Fatma got married last week at Cairo Marriott Hotel.
Beside the family members and relatives, The Minister of Sports Al-Amri Farouk, Captain Ahmed Shehata and other well known sports figures in Egypt attended the wedding.

Egyptian singer Hisham Abbas and the popular Oka W Ortega performed at the wedding and along with the Invitees, the bride and the groom danced and sang all night.

Fatma Shobair Wedding Photos

Fatma Shobair Wedding Photos

Congratulations to Ahmed Shobair and Alf Mabrouk to Fatma and Ahmad Al-Kathi.

Fatma Shobair and and Ahmad Al-Kathi

Exclusive Photos of Harim Sultan Season 3

Sultan Suleiman with Julia

These are exclusive photos from the upcoming third season of the historical Turkish TV series Harim Sultan in which Miss Turkey 2012, Açelya Samyeli Danoğlu will be joining the cast acting as Julia and Sultan Suleiman along with his minister Ibrahim Pasha will be both dazzled by her beauty...

Photos of Harim Sultan 3

Photos of Harim Sultan part 3

More of Tamer Hosny & Basma Bousel (Photos)

Tamer and Basma

Check out this fresh photo of expecting couple Tamer Hosny and Basma Bousel.
The two were snapped at a private party over the weekend.

Although you can't see it in the photo, but Basma is sporting a baby bump!
The couple got many congrats for the soon-to-be-there baby.

Obviously, the reports that circulated some time ago about Basma wearing the Hijab were only rumors!

Enjoy these photos of Tamer Hosny and Basma Bousel at the party

photos Tamer Hosny and Basma Bousel 2013

Lionel Messi: At Gunpoint and Bribery in Saudi Arabia (Photos)

I know that crowds can go crazy when a celebrity or renowned personality arrives in a certain country. But what happened when Argentinean football player Lionel Messi arrived at Riyadh Airport last Monday night was crazy! A throng of fans was able to skip security to the airport thus, chaos occurred. But it seemed like Messi was in no danger from his fans rather he was in more danger from his minders! Well one in particular!

Lionel Messi Gun Pointed at his head

Some photos surfaced last week showing a terrified-looking Messi with the barrel of a shotgun pointed at his head. The guard was so busy fending off the crowd that he didn’t realize his gun was posing a threat to the football superstar. It was a good thing the gun didn’t blow off and hurt Messi otherwise, Saudi would be in so much trouble!

Photos of Lionel Messi in Saudi Arabia

 Lionel Messi in Saudi Arabia

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