A Walking, Talking Life-Size Barbie

Who doesn't know Barbie? Boys and girls of all ages know her and most girls have owned one or played with one. But till yesterday, I thought that Barbie existed as a doll only ...
Turns out there's an actual human Barbie and she really does resemble the doll I used to play with back in 1986!

Meet Valeria Lukyanova, The Human Barbie! Although she prefers to be called "Amatue".
The photo below is not photoshopped in any way, this is exactly what she looks like with makeup on. And her body is exactly the measurements of Barbie; big, round breasts, tiny tiny waist, nearly non-existent hips and sculpted legs. I tell you she's an exact life-size replica of a doll!

The Human Barbie

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Michael Schumacher in Life-Threatening Condition after Ski Accident

Seven-time Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher is in a very bad shape after suffering a serious head injury in a skiing accident. He is currently in a hospital in Grenoble where he had an emergency brain surgery. Apparently, the 44-year-old racer was in a coma when he arrived at the hospital because of brain trauma.

Michael Schumacher

Michael went skiing with his 14-year-old son late Sunday morning at a ski resort the French Alps when the accident happened. He hit his head on a rock while speeding down unmarked slopes. Although he was wearing a helmet that time, the impact must have been so bad that he suffered serious brain trauma.

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Farewell Ahmad Fouad Negm ...

Farewell Ahmad Fouad Negm

Popular Egyptian poet Ahmad Fouad Negm passed away today ... what a sad day for Egyptians, poets and revolutionists ...
Negm, who was 84, has inspired generations of young Egyptians to ask for change and to revolt ... it is also known that he himself was jailed for his political views under the rule of former presidents Jamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Al Sadat. Negm was also most definitely a non silent supporter of the 2011 revolution that brought down Hosni Mubarak.

Negm became famous in the 70's when he teamed up with singer Sheikh Imam, who sang his poetry.

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Tongues Wagging About Ali Jaber & Najwa Karam!

People just get going on rumors! There's nothing like a well cooked rumor to get people's tongues wagging!
After a photo of Arab Idol judges Ali Jaber and Najwa Karam kissing circulated the net, people started weaving stories of a love affair and of secret marriage ...
But the truth is that Ali and Najwa are friends and good colleagues at work. Nothing more!
Ali Jaber is happily married to a beautiful woman and has two hansom sons ... photo after the jump ...

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Bassem Youssef Makes 2013 TIME 100 List

Bassem Youssef

Egyptian TV host or "Satirist" has made the annual list of TIME's 100 most influential people ... and he's the only Arab!
Fellow satirist, Jon Stewart, wrote the piece about Youssef in the magazine and called him " a kind and generous friend" but also said: "... and Bassem Youssef is my hero."

Youssef presents a show called "albernameg" on the Egyptian channel CBC, but he's not only that ... he used to be a heart surgeon!

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Camilla Al Fayed, Not Another Paris Hilton!

Camilla Al Fayed

You would think that the daughter of Tycoon Mohammad Al Fayed would be the British/Egyptian version of Paris Hilton ... but there's not even a slight similarity between the two!

Al Fayed's daughter, Camilla, the youngest of his five children, is nearly never the center of scandals or shocking rumors. She likes fashion and design and although is "filthy" rich, she prefers to keep herself busy with work and be a productive member of society.
She also does a lot of charity and philanthropy work.

Camilla, who was born in 1985, is married to a Syrian tycoon and has two kids with him.
They live in a London apartment and are busy with raising their kids and taking care of business.

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Ammar Al Shereii Passes Away

Ammar Al Shereii

Have you heard of Ammar Al Shereii? Well, if you haven't, maybe you should look him up, because he's one of the greatest Egyptian composers.
Ammar Al Shereii passed away today after a long struggle with health problems. He was scheduled to be flown abroad for treatment after heart problems, but died this morning. He was fairly young; 64.

Al Shereii was blind, he was born that way, but that never stopped him from pursuing his dream of music. He studied music and played the piano, 'oud, accordion and the organ.

Al Shereii composed music for hundreds of TV series as well as tens of movies.
He also composed music for many Arab singers.

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Mark Zuckerberg Weds Long time Girlfriend Priscilla Chan

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

Mark Zuckerberg has achieved a new milestone this weekend. And I’m not talking about him listing Facebook on Nasdaq. The billionaire surprised everyone by his secret wedding to long-time girlfriend Priscilla Chan!

The loved up couple only had about 100 guests to their wedding on Saturday, May 19 in their backyard in Palo Alto, California. And apparently, some of the guests believed they were there to celebrate Chan’s graduation. She just graduated from the medical school at the University of California last Monday.

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Annabella Hilal, Where to Now?

Annabella Hilal

Annabella Hilal, first runner up of Miss Lebanon 2005, and presenter of the talent show Arab Idol, must be thinking of her next move now!
What will she be going into?
It seems she's doing well at presenting, after all, before Arab Idol, she was the presenter of Mission Fashion on LBC.
Or will she go on to fulfill her dream of becoming a judge? That is what she said is her ambition when asked during the Miss Lebanon pageant!

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Miss USA Rima Fakih Drinking Problem!

Rima Fakih Drinking

Earlier this month 24-year-old brunette Miss USA Rima Fakih was arrested for Driving Under the Influence in Highland Park, Michigan. And a few days later shocking photos came out showing Rima Fakih parting with American rapper and music producer Lil Jon at the Ghost Bar in Las Vegas drinking and holding a bottle of champagne ...

Photos of Miss USA Rima Fakih Drinking

Photos of Rima Fakih Drinking

These photos were taken back in June however they only got released a few weeks ago but that doesn't make Rima any less guilty!

What do you think of these photos, is this something acceptable for a Miss USA and for an Arab-American!?

I personally think Rima is not a role model anymore and the Miss USA title should be taken away from her! And that has nothing to do with her religious background for people that might refer to that.

- Lebanese Rima Fakih is Miss USA 2010

Hala Sarhan Back to Egypt?

Hala Sarhan

Hala Sarhan left Egypt a few years ago after doing an episode about prostitution on her popular show "Hala Show".
Now that the Mubarak regime has gone with the wind, Hala has been asked to return to Egypt and start presenting her show from Cairo once more.

Hala supported the revolution since day one and now some of the youth of the revolution have asked her, through Facebook, to come back.

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Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal No. 26 in Forbes Billionaires List

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal

Every year Forbes magazine gives an account of who the richest people in the world are. They never fail to share this information to the rest of the world. Middle East’s richest man Saudi Arabia’s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal made it to this year’s list at No. 26 with an estimated $19.6 billion fortune.

Prince Alwaleed is the largest shareholder in Citigroup. He owns 95 percent of Kingdom Holdings, which is one of the biggest investors in the United States. But aside fro al his business holdings, Prince Alwaleed also run Alwaleed Bin Talal Foundations that caters to people in need.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton Name Their Best Man and Maid of Honor

Prince William and Kate Middleton

A royal wedding in the works needs lots of backing for it to be successful, right? For the most awaited wedding this year, the groom-to-be, Prince William, has chosen his little brother Prince Harry as his best man rather than a “supporter”, as they call it there in the UK. This is a break in the tradition, according to mail online. Kate, on the other hand, has named her sister, Philippa or Pippa as she is fondly called, as her maid of honor.

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