Nawal Al Zoghbi in Erbil for 2014

Lebanese singer Nawal Al Zoghbi will be in Kurdistan to ring in the New Year 2014!
Nawal will be holding a huge New Year's Eve concert at Hadiab Hall in Erbil.
Sharing the stage with Nawal on that special night will be Lebanese singer Iwan.

Nawal Al Zoghbi in Erbil

Nawal Wears a Crown Like Miriam!

Nawal Vs. Miriam

Is Nawal Al Zoghbi trying to do like Miriam Fares?
Check out the two Lebanese stars wearing a "crown" ...
Unfortunately, I don't see it as a creative thing, because the first to do it was Miriam ... and there's nothing so special about it!

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Nawal Al Zoghbi, Before and After!

Nawal Before After

I just can't get my head around cosmetic surgery! Sorry! But I believe people who undergo such surgeries don't have enough confidence in themselves! They feel something is lacking and thus try to compensate in changing their appearance or enhancing it!

One of the Arab stars who has definitely undergone some sort of change, which I find unnecessary because she was beautiful before she went under the knife, is Nawal Al Zoghbi!
Don't tell me it's just a few Botox needles! She must have gone under the knife to change so drastically!

I mean, check out her before-after photos ... and you judge for yourselves!

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Nawal Zoghbi Bad Luck on New Year's Eve!

Nawal Zoghbi New Year concert

Nawal Zoghbi got a very unsuspected and unpleasant surprise on New Year's Eve as she performed at the Edde Sands Resort!

A huge fight broke out as Nawal was singing and it was a near impossible job to get her out of the chaos unharmed!
Nawal exploded with tears as she stopped singing and tried to slip away.

Video after the jump

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Nawal Al Zoghbi Warns the Youth & Might be a Cartoon Characters!

Nawal and the frog

In a new interview with Scoop TV show on MBC 1, Nawal Al Zoghbi tells all the young people, especially guys to be careful when it comes to their bodies. This comes after model Samer Elias, who worked with Nawal many times, died after injecting hormonal substances in his blood.

Nawal wants to make sure this doesn’t happen again; for people learn from Samer’s mistake that cost him his own life. Nawal said that it’s important to take care of your body to prevent unnecessary death. I completely agree with her!

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Nawal Al Zoghbi on “Akher Man Yaalam”

Nawal Al Zoghbi in Akher Man Yaalam

Nawal Al Zoghbi is going to appear tonight on MBC1 on the show ‘’Akher man yaalam”, where she reveals interesting things about her and an interesting talent you would never have guessed she had; imitating cartoon voices!

The show presenter Arwa asks very personal questions and apparently Nawal speaks honestly about everything starting from her childhood and teenage years. Nawal also addresses the rumors that keep circulating around her.

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Nawal Al Zoghbi: Neither Married nor Divorced!

nawal al zoghbi

A single mother, with no kids.That's Nawal Al Zoghbi these days.
Nawal was recently a guest on the TV show Limaza with Toni Khalifeh, and discussed her marital life and divorce, along with her opinions on rival singers.

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Nawal Zoghbi at Atlantis Hotel Resort in Dubai

nawal al zoghbi at atlantis ceremony

After a star studded red carpet arrival for the huge opening ceremony of Jumaira Palm Beach Atlantis Resort, Lebanese singer Nawal Zoghbi kicked off the night with a unique performance.
Nawal, who donned a beautiful, floor length, strapless sparkling dress, performed three of her most popular songs for the a-listers who attended the invite-only ceremony!
Nawal sang 'Leh Mushtaalak, Beinak and Einek Kadabeen' for VIP's from around the world!

Nawal Zoghbi at Atlantis Hotel Resort in Dubai

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Nawal and The Socialite Divorce

Lebanese singer Nawal El Zoghbi

Nawal El Zoghbi may be successful in the music industry but it looks like when it comes to marriage, she cannot hit the right notes! At a radio interview on Melody Lebanon she announced officially that she and her husband –who is also her manager- have decided to separate. As every socialite does, Nawal ensure everyone that they are still good friends and that he will remain her manager and the father of her children.

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Nawal Zoghbi and Brad Pitt on MBC Scoop

Raya and Najla are busy bees! Today on MBC Scoop, they're going to give us exclusive interviews with some very famous stars.
Najla will be chatting with Nawal Zoghbi about her new album 'Samehtak Khalas' and will answer a few questions about the rumors of her marriage being on the rocks!
Najla will also put a spotlight on the Turkish series Noor and Sanawat al Dia3. She'll be taking us on a tour inside the studios where all the translation and doblaje/dubbing happens. We're sure bound to meet some of the famous Syrian actors who are behind the voices of characters like Noor, Mohannad, Dana and Anwar!

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Nawal Al-Zoghbi in Beverly Hills!

Nawal Al-Zoghbi

Nawal Al-Zoghbi is currently preparing to travel to the U.S.A for a few concerts for her fans who are living abroad. Her first concert will be at the Beverly Hills Hotel on the 3rd of November and she will be performing to benefit the ‘Lebanese House’. And whilst she’s there Nawal will also be performing another two concerts on the 9th and the 10th of November in Los Angeles.

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Nawal Al Zoghbi Steals the Spot-lights & Helps Lebanon

nawal zoghbi

Two weeks ago & after that attacks on Lebanon, Lebanese singer Nawal Al Zoghbi started a campaign to help the Lebanese victims & evacuees.
It seems this campaign has been a successful one; it started some sort of chain reaction that resulted in starting more campaigns by the Nawal Al Zoghbi fan club & the Lebanese Actors Union.
These campaigns aim to collecting as much donations as possible, to help all the displaced Lebanese that are now living in groups in schools & universities.
Nawal herself, participated through donations & personal visits to schools.
She also sent out a cry of help to all other singers in the Arab world, to take a small part in helping the helpless victims of this horrible attack on Lebanon.

See photos of Nawal's visit to the school

Pictures of Nawal's visit to the school

Thanks to Abed Al Rahman for sharing these pictutres with us.