Nancy Ajram, The Queen of Watermelon!

Nancy Ajram, The Queen of Watermelon!

Nancy Ajram sure knows how to drive her fans crazy!
Her latest video clip of her song "Ma Tigi Hena" was released on Thursday night and her fans have been chattering about it ever since!
The clip got a whopping half a million views on her YouTube account in less than 24 hours, and that's considered a record for Arabic video clips!

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Nancy Ajram with Daughters Mila & Ella

What better way to start your day with a cute and heartwarming photo?
It could be a photo of two sleeping kittens ... or a bunch of baby ducklings splashing in a puddle ... or a cuddled up baby ... but today I'm posting the cutest photo of Nancy Ajram and her two adorable daughters Mila and Ella!

Nancy Ajram with Daughtes Mila & Ella

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Nancy Ajram is Totally in her Element

Nancy Ajram's newest video clip is "a3mel 3a2la" and it's kinda funky and cool!
She looks great as usual and is as cute as ever!
Using social media to give the scenario of the clip a "today" effect is very effective and makes the tech generation feel more related to Nancy!

The clip was shot in Lebanon, specifically in Beirut and in Nancy's pad! Yup! You get to see her house, the actual one she lives in! Isn't that cool?!

Nancy Ajram is in her element in a3mel 3a2la

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Nancy Ajram Does Harper's Bazaar Arabia

Nancy Ajram Does Harper's Bazaar Arabia

Nancy Ajram is certainly a sight for sore eyes on the cover of the October issue of Harper's Bazaar Arabia. With a crown and a beautiful smile, she knows how to steal hearts!

In the issue, Nancy poses for a photoshoot and sports designs by huge brands like Alessandra Rich, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci.

The beautiful thing is that Nancy appears in the photos with very little makeup and in some with no makeup at all! Which shows off her natural beauty without being masked by layers of cosmetics.

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Nancy Ajram and Hubby in Paris!

Check out this candid photo of Nancy Ajram and her doctor husband, Fadi.
The photo was posted by Nancy herself on her Instagram account ... and was taken while the couple was vacationing in Paris.

Nancy Ajram and Hubby in Paris

So, what do you think?
Do they make a cute couple?

Nancy Ajram Arab Idol 2 PhotoShoot and Live in Stockholm

Nancy Ajram Photoshoot

Nancy looks great in a recent photoshoot made exclusively for MBC Arab Idol Season 2.
You can check the photos here: Nancy Ajram Arab Idol Photoshoot

Nancy Ajram Arab Idol Photoshoot

As for Nancy Ajram latest news, she will be in Stockholm this Saturday. Nancy will take the stage at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre which is one of the most modern concert halls in Sweden with capacity of 3,500 seated guests.
If you live in Sweden and want to get a ticket for Nancy Ajram live concert, click here for details

Arab Idol 2 Press Conference in Dubai (With Photos)

Nancy Ajram New Judge Arab Idol 2013

MBC held a press conference in Dubai a couple of days ago to publicize the second season of the talent show Arab Idol.
The atmosphere throughout the conference was friendly and fun, the judges joked around together and answered press questions with pleasure.

It was also officially announced that Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram has joined the judging panel, and that Egyptian singer Ahmad Fahmi is going to give a helping hand to Annabella Hilal in presenting the show.

Photos of Nancy Ajram at MBC Arab Idol 2 Press Conference

Photos of MBC Arab Idol 2 press conference

Ahlam didn't waste any chances to tease her rival Ragheb Alameh!
She threw punches at him whenever she could! Those were received with laughter from both the judges and the attendance!

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Nancy Ajram's House Vs. Haifa Wehbe's House (Photos)

Nancy Ajram Vs. Haifa Wehbe House

Two of Lebanon's most famous stars, Nancy Ajram and Haifa Wehbe, are rumored to have two of the most extravagant and expensive houses in Lebanon.
The two singers have very different tastes ... Nancy's got contemporary taste, while Haifa's gone for the classical choice.

Personally, I found Nancy's home to be very easy on the eyes, because of the clean lines and huge windows which bring in natural light. It's very modern.
As for Haifa's house, I gotta say, It's totally not my taste. She opts for dark colors, mainly royal blue and burgundy and classical furniture accentuated with golden paint and carvings.

Check out the photos of each house and let us know which one you like better.

Photos of Nancy Ajram House

Photos Nancy Ajram Villa

Photos of Haifa Wehbe House

Photos of Haifa Wehbe Villa

There's also this short video of a quick tour through Nancy's house.

Nancy Ajram's Latest, Badak Tibaa Fik

Nancy Ajram New Video Badak Tibaa Fik

Nancy Ajram's latest video clip aired yesterday on MBC and is one of those classy and chic videos.
The song is entitled "Badak Tibaa Fik" and the clip is sponsored by Damas.
Throughout the clip, she's seen wearing Damas jewelry and at one point in the clip, Nancy gets a bunch of presents and as she opens them up we see the new Damas Farfasha floral collection.

I liked the song because something in the tune is somewhat Fairuz-ish, maybe not so much as Rahbani-ish! Maybe ... I might be wrong though ... what do you think?
The lyrics are those of Ahmad Madhi and composed by Ziad Burji.

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Nancy Ajram Pregnant Again!

Nancy Ajram Pregnant

Nancy Ajram is Pregnant again!? Well, she maybe trying for a boy this time ... third time's a charm!!!

Rumor has it that Nancy Ajram is expecting for the third time and is still in the early stages of pregnancy.

Nancy will surely sport a tiny baby bump during the broadcasting of Arab Idol 2.
Some speculate that this is the perfect time for her pregnancy, because she won't be on the go, travelling and working hard, but will be focusing on her work as a judge on the show and thus go through her pregnancy with ease ... Or it may just be a mere coincidence!

If you really do have a bun in the oven Nancy, many congrats from us at!!!