Najwa Karam's Father Passes Away

Najwa Karam's Father Passes Away

The father of Lebanese star Najwa Karam passed away yesterday morning after weeks of suffering.
He was admitted to hospital several weeks ago, and Najwa made sure to be there by his side most of the time.
He will be laid to rest today and service will be held today, where people can extend their condolences.

Our deepest condolences go out to Najwa and her family, may he rest in peace.

Najwa Karam, The Geography Teacher

Najwa Karam in the old days

I wasn't aware that Najwa Karam was a teacher before taking up show business!!!
Najwa was a Geography teacher before getting into the singing business and become so famous that she's been given the nickname "Shams El Ghenie El Lebnanie".

A few days ago, a rare photo of Najwa at that time popped up on the net.
Some called it a scandal ... which is totally uncalled for and silly!
Why a scandal? It's just an old photo of an ordinary person being what she used to be; a teacher!
I think that is something to proud of and is as far from being a scandal as the earth is far from the sun!

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