Yara & Lara Scandar in Castana

Castana (Cozy Christmas Wishes) is the name of the latest and what some say the greatest Christmas album this season! Castana is by Jean Marie Riachi and features songs performed by Yara, Lara Scandar and others. The songs include ... Read More

Top Arab Songs 2011 Nominations

Help us to build a list of the top Arab songs of the year 2011. Post 3 titles of your favourite songs along with the singers' names and tell us why do you like these songs. The songs to ... Read More

What is Taqwacore?

Have you heard the musical term 'Taqwacore'? I came across the term yesterday as i was surfing and read ... Read More

Bite-Size Music News

• Syrian singer Asalah Nasri has finally decided to release her new Khaliji video clip, La Tekhaf, after the Eid ... Read More