Yara & Lara Scandar in Castana

Castana Album Cover

Castana (Cozy Christmas Wishes) is the name of the latest and what some say the greatest Christmas album this season! Castana is by Jean Marie Riachi and features songs performed by Yara, Lara Scandar and others.

The songs include some Christmas classics redone by Riachi, like White Christmas & We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

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Top Arab Songs 2011 Nominations

Top Arab Song 2011

Help us to build a list of the top Arab songs of the year 2011. Post 3 titles of your favourite songs along with the singers' names and tell us why do you like these songs.

The songs to be chosen for the final list will be the ones with the more nominations.

10 New Albums for The New Year 2011

New Albums for 2011

With the New Year around the corner, 10 new Arabic music albums will see the light.
Two highly anticipated come from Kathem Al Saher and Saber Al Robai.

Other stars working on the final touches on their albums just in time for 2011 are Majid Al Mohandes, Assi Al Hillani, Ramy Ayach, Nawal Al Zoghbi, Mayada Al Hinnawi, Najwa Karam, Yara and Shams.

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Competing For Romantic Music

valentine day songs 2010

As you all know, we celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th, and this year there seems to be a competition between Arab singers to sing the most romantic song, having the best and sweetest lyrics with heart touching melodies.

We will be hearing new heart felt songs from many stars, like Dina Hayek with her new song called ‘’we mnebaa eshak’’ or "we stay lovers", George Al Rassi with his new song called ‘’nghayir aadar” or "change destiny" … don’t you just love that song‘s name?!

Star Academy 3 star Joseph Attieh also has a new song for Valentine’s called ‘’ya hobi el gharam’’. Another Star Academy singer has released a love song, Michel Azzi and his song ‘’Gharamak ayish fiyi’’ or "your love is living inside me".

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Al-Madina FM "Best of 2009" Results

Al-Madina FM

The Syrian private radio station Al-Madina FM announced the results of its 5th annual survey “The Best of 2009”. The survey was held by the radio program “Al-Madina Toghani” hosted by Basel Mehrez and it was open for the public from all over the world to vote through phone calls, sms or e-mail during December 2009. The results are:

Best Male Singer:
1st: George Wassof 44.7%
2nd: Wael Kfouri 16.9%
3rd: Wael Jassar 15.3%
4th: Amr Diab 14.8%
5th: Tamer Hosny 8.09%

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Tareq Al Nasser & Rum in Amman

tareq al nasser rum

Jordanian artist Tareq Al Nasser and his group Rum are phenomenal.
I use that word in particular because he's simply genius and never repeats himself in the music he composes.
He never seizes to amaze me.

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What is Taqwacore?

the kominas

Have you heard the musical term 'Taqwacore'?
I came across the term yesterday as i was surfing and read a little bit about it.
I thought I'd let you in on the term and see what you thought.

'Taqwacore' is an interesting new genre of punk music dealing with Islam.
It's enlightening to hear 'Taqwacore' music because it incorporates punk, hip hop and shades of Arabic or Punjabi music. Some may see it as rap inspired as well.

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The Top Selling 5 Albums in Lebanon, Egypt and The Gulf

cyrine abdelnour

During the past week, 5 albums topped in album sales around the Arab world. But you have to keep in mind that there are 5 different albums in 5 different areas; Lebanon, Egypt and The Gulf.

So, which albums toppled all others in Lebanon?
At No. 5 comes the debut album of Mohammad al Majzoub.

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New Music Albums for 2009

Egyptian singer Amr Diab

We've been waiting for something new from many artists and 2009 will be the year they make a comeback!
This year there are about 9 new albums awaiting their release to the market as well.
Amr Diab's new -title less- album is on the waiting list.
Although Diab has finished working on the album and has chosen the track list which contains 10 songs, he hasn't chosen a title for it yet!

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Have You Heard the Jordanian Version of 'Rockstar'?

I just got an e-mail from a friend with an MP3 attachment ... she tells me that it's a contagious song.
The song is entitled 'Suberstar' and it's the Jordanian version of Nickleback's hit 'Rockstar'.
If you're Jordanian you'll really dig the song, but if you're not you'll surely enjoy it just the same because it's just plain funny! (that's if you speak Arabic of course) Listen to 'Suberstar'.
The guys who came up with this cool idea are two Jordanian dudes called Humam Ammari and Nadim Masri.

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Yallafan: Discovering New Talents!


The Arab world is ready to discover new talents using the new music website Yallafan (YF). This is the unique website where Arab fans and artists can interact and pave the way to the future of pop music in the Middle East, GCC, and North Africa. This site is open for all, whether you are a musician or a mere fan. All that’s required is for you sign up or register. Fans can download various artists’ songs and videos to their PCs and other mobile devices. By doing so they are directly involved in their success or failure through their ratings and votes. So, it is going to be mainly dependent on the fans taste and preference in music. If you are an artist and your songs and videos get good reception from fans there’s a big chance you’ll be designated by YF as a “premier” musician. So, thanks to fans votes and ratings you’ll have a big reward for your hard work! The company will finance the full production and marketing of some of your songs, including one or two videos.

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Series to Give Balanced View of Baligh Hamdi

Baligh Hamdi

Around two years ago we heard of a series that was to document the life of Egyptian music legend Baligh Hamdi. However, for quite a while we heard little to nothing about it until recently when the director, Magdi Ahmed, disclosed that actor Mohamed Nagati is preparing to play the part of Baligh Hamdi. Obviously this is a very controversial and important part and Mohamed was the third choice of the director after Mamdouh Abdel Aleem who declined the role due to a conflict between him and the director, and Hani Salama who was too busy with other projects.

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Bite-Size Music News

• Syrian singer Asalah Nasri has finally decided to release her new Khaliji video clip, La Tekhaf, after the Eid festivals. After meeting with great success in the Gulf without even a video clip, Asalah believed it was time to honor it with one. Asalah recently celebrated her brother's wedding also where she sang duets with her sister. Asalah's next (Egyptian) album is expected in mid-2008.

• After a successful (and loud!) night on Hala Sarhan's Qannat Khams Nojoum show with Bahraini presenter Amira, Lebanese Studio El Fan graduate Fares Karam has begun plans to shoot his next single Khetyar Elli Aal Akazeh. Fares will also be busy with numerous concerts during the Eid festivals, he will be performing in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan.

• Egyptian Star Academy alumni Zizi Adel is riding on a tide of success with her second video clip, Wahda Tanya, and appeared with Mona Zaki on Qannat Khams Nojoum also. She is currently in the studio picking songs for her follow-up sophomore album. She has chosen five songs so far, but no new writers, composers, or arrangers yet.

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Laith Bazari and Club Arabia Mix CD!

Club Arabia CD Front cover

Many people criticize Arabic music of staying where it is and of not modernizing as much as Western music for example. However, one man who is helping progress our music is Laith Bazari, a Palestinian producer who makes CD’s where he fuses Arab singers latest hits to create a ‘non stop’ Club Arabia mix CD! Laith has worked with some of the biggest names such as Sony and Warner’s but he makes these Club Arabia albums regularly and they make it big in places like Cairo.

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