Ruby & Maria & Sexual Problems

Maria in her latest movie Ahasses

What's the deal with young actresses these days? Some of them are proving to be so desperate that they're ready to take on any role in any movie to get back on the scene, even if it'll cost them their already questionable reputation!!!
Excuse me, but that's exactly how I feel about Ruby & Maria specifically!

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Blockbuster Movies in Arabic on MBC

braveheart on MBC MAX

You must have gotten word that MBC is going to start broadcasting blockbuster movies dubbed into Arabic on both MBC1 and MBC MAX.
Movies like Braveheart, Lord of The Rings and Troy will be available for the Arab audience in their own language, Arabic and only Arabic.
What do you think of this move by MBC? Is it positive or negative?

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The stoning of Soraya M.

The stoning of Soraya M

This controversial movie is based on a novel by French-Iranian journalist Freidoune Sahebjam, the movie revolves around the horrible story of Soraya whom had been stoned to death (Rajm) and about the uncivil law and lack of rights for women in Iran. In the movie Soraya’s aunt tells the story of her niece to Sahebjam in hopes that it will be published.

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Ehki Ya Shahrazad, Mona Zaki's Latest Movie

mona zaki in ekhi ya shahrazad

Mona Zaki stars in the controversial new movie Ehki Ya Shahrazad, this is the first appearance for Mona since two years where her last appearance was in Taymor and Shafiqa. It is directed by the famous Yusri Nasrallah.

Ehki Ya Shahrazad talks about very sensitive issues concerning the roles of women in the Egyptian society. This personally I think is a realistic issue that should be talked about freely.

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Lebanese Movie Help is Cheap!

help poster

The question isn't 'Would you agree to appear naked in a movie?' but 'Would you invite your dad to the premiere of the movie where you actually do?!'
If you're wondering what I'm blabbing about, it's the latest 18+ Lebanese movie 'Help'.
'Help' has a unique story and because of this story it got banned by the Lebanese censorship.
I use the word 'unique' because the story has never been tackled in Arabic movies and I'm hoping it won't ever be tackled, at least in the way 'Help' has!

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What's The Deal with Dr. Silicon?

nancy ajram and marwa

The latest Egyptian movie to make a huge buzz is 'Dr. Silicon'.
It stars Lebanese singer Marwa and a bunch of well known Egyptian actors like Hasan Husni and Mimi Jamal for example.
The movie is about the standards of beauty and the wave of plastic surgery that's over-taken a lot of singers and actresses.
It seems a couple of names have been mentioned in the movie and those names are threatening to sue who ever is responsible!
Rumor has it, Nancy Ajram is one of those names and she's not very happy that she's been given as an example of plastic surgery beauty!

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Menahi: Yay or Nay!


So we saw the Saudi movie ‘Menahi’ come out and get a lot of attention simply because of the fact that it is produced by Rotana and that the actors are from Saudi Arabia but does the actual movie have any substance?

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Baby Doll Night Wins at Brussels International Independent Film Festival

the baby doll night

Egyptian movie 'Lailat Al Baby Doll' - The Baby Doll Night, which is directed by Adel Adeeb, won an award for Best Scenario at the International Independent Film Festival that was held in Brussels last week.
At first glance, the movie's title gives a certain impression that's the total opposite of the actual aim of the story.
The movie sheds light on all current events that the world and especially the Arab world is suffering from; The war in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, the Israeli issue, Al Qaeda and Hezbollah!
It's the story of a man and his complicated journey to reach home and celebrate New Year's Eve with his wife!

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Amr Saad Can’t Mind His Own Business!

Haifa, Khalid Yusuf and Amr Saad

Obviously not many of us will get the luxury of working on a movie, but when you are in a position of power and someone tries to undermine your authority you can imagine how angry you would be. Well that is how director Khalid Yusuf felt when the still up and coming actor Amr Saad redirected Haifa Wehbe in one of the scenes on her movie debut ‘Dukan Shehata’

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Al Jazeera Races for Oscar!

snapshot featuring Ahmad AlSaka in Al Jazeera movie

In this day and age an Egyptian film getting an Oscar is pretty much unheard of, but this may not be the case for long. A panel of experts has chosen Ahmed El Saka’s movie ‘Al Jazeera’ (The Island) to enter the race for Oscar for ‘Best Non-American Movie’! The film was chosen because of the humanitarian themes in the movie and the outstanding production and performance by all those who were part of the movie.

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H Daboor: Disturbing?

H Dabour movie

I was fortunate enough to be able to spend some time during Ramadan in Egypt and had time to see only one of the many movies that had been released. After listening to several critiques it appeared that the general consensus was that ‘H-Daboor’ which stars Ahmed Mekky was a must see. But when I went to see it I was surprised, and it wasn’t a pleasant surprise.

It appears that for some reason the producers and writers decided to incorporate some very disturbing language without even warning viewers!Worse still was the fact that they introduced creative and catchy ways of presenting the insults so even the children in the movie were walking out saying them not understanding what these words meant.

The plot itself was not so interesting and a little to cliché and cheesy for my liking!

By Karim

- H Daboor Trailer [Video]
- Ked3an Tayebean Music Video [From H Daboor Soundtrack]

Indiana Jones' Last Crusade on MBC 2

indy in petra

Last Saturday, we went on an adventure with Indiana Jones to the Temple of Doom in India.
It wasn't fun having to sit at a banquette of beatles, worms, eyeball soup and chilled monkey brains! I assure you!
This Saturday MBC 2 will be taking us on another adventure with Dr. Indy.
This time it's The Last Crusade, when Indy goes on a quest to find his father who is looking for the Holy Grail!
Harrison Ford and Sean Connery team up and head to the amazing rose city Petra for some of the most amazing scenes of the Indiana Jones Trilogy.
At that time (1989) the movie's budget was a whopping $36 million and the crew traveled the world! In addition to shooting scenes in Jordan, they did Spain, London, West Germany, Venice, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah over the course of six months.